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We Are All Alone At The End Of The Day
by Frances Zheng
2008-06-29 09:31:33
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Do you think having lots of friends around will make you feel not lonely any more? So, what do you call the moments of "emptiness" even when you are in a crowd such as a big party, or your mind will be drifting somewhere far away while speaking to someone right beside you? How does it happen? And why?

From my own understanding, most of the time we are actually only "occupied" by other people, instead of sharing the mutual feelings or thoughts of each other's or interacting with them to certain depth (which would occur very rarely in real life though).

Let's take a look at ourselves: We were born individually, and no one is attached to another physically or spiritually. (Of course there are some exceptions like conjoined twins, but those are not what I'm going to talk about here right now.) However, why do we want others' company when we were supposed/"designed" to be independent or at least not needing other people so much? Okay, "wanting" is a different concept from "needing" if you'd like me to be more accurate, but how come we always WANT something that we don't really NEED?

Have you ever felt released or even blessed that no one can read your mind, especially under those embarrassing circumstances or when you want to keep your own secrets from other people? Didn't you feel good that the teacher noticed nothing about what you were reading in class when they called you to answer the question? Won't you chuckle to yourself when you told something "slightly" different from the truth to someone, and they still believed what you said completely? Aren't you glad that your partner is unable to know what you dreamed about last night?

On the other hand, have you ever felt frustrated that people seem not to understand what you are saying at all? At that very moment, didn't you wish that they could see through your mind without your so much effort in explaining repeatedly?

In short, we are not predictable or readable; furthermore, everyone would have their own opinions about the same thing... (What a chaotic world in human's mind!) So, let's enjoy our solitude whenever possible!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-06-29 13:26:40
And perhaps take with us in solitude a few books: the Confessions by Augustine, Thoreau and Kierkegaard? Pascal expressed it this way: why can we no longer sit by ourselves for more than a few minutes? Food for thought!

hanouf2010-06-23 04:30:51
wonderful,,your artical explain my situation,, i am with lots of friend and lots of people,, but i stil feel alone,, i dont like the feeling of being alone at the end the day, but i somehow like my solitude, i feel that it is my best friend who inderstand me the most,, and who love me the way i am,, and who now all my secrets and thoughts,,

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