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Cherchez la femme: Acetone
by Juliana Elo
Issue 8
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You leave home willing to buy acetone. You check every store at the mall, and you end up sneaking in to that fancy cosmetic store, full of Cliniques, Biotherms, Diors, and even the shop assistant in her uniform dresses better than you do. You look all around, no sign of acetone. You do the inevitable, you go to ask the shop assistant, who’ve been following with the corner of her eye every step you took since you got in the store, if they’ve got acetone.

There she comes with the remover without acetone. You explain that what you want is in fact acetone. She comes with another polish remover; she says it’s the best. But what you want is acetone, the cheap one, the one used to refine cocaine – the attendant open her eyes wide. You show your whitish nails, with last week’s nail polish rests, that didn’t leave with remover: - It’s to take of my nail polish. Finally she understands, and comes back bringing that pitiful 60 cents cheap little bottle.

This world became a hostile territory: no sugar, no salt, no lactose, no carbohydrate, no conserving, decaffeinate and depressed.

The store assistant even washes her hands after touching that little bottle, but you go back home happily. You’ve got acetone, finally.

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