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Pax Obama
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-06-17 07:57:31
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Hillary Clinton said that she’s asking all the people who worked so hard for her to work now for Barack Obama and Obama himself said in answer …nothing! It's tough work to be a presidential contender, after all this time and all the things said. And these ‘things’ were a lot and as everybody has predicted harmed both contenders equally and what is left is …Pax Obama!

The difficult thing this Pax especially with a nation at war! And it looks like the USA has declared a war against everybody including itself. Don’t misunderstand me, war in Afghanistan and war in Iraq is one thing and a very real one but then there is the second cycle with wars to be; start counting, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela perhaps a couple more I missed! Then we have the wars we never mention with Russia leading and half of Middle East and Africa following.

We have the wars we don’t call wars, call me Europe, and what is left must be a few countries that have dictatorships and the rest of the world hates, I presume we can include Pakistan to those. On top of that we have to add the countryless Bin Laden, the drugs lords, the war lords and a few thousands of terrorists from the entire political spectrum, for the extreme left to racists and the extreme right you get part of the picture because of course we missed the inside trouble-makers, the sects and the fanatics of all kind!

I suppose it is one thing to be a contender and another to be a candidate, because as a contender you are veiled in some kind of innocence. You are going to be the leader of the land of opportunities where even the son of a foreigner has the chance to become the President of the United States of America. And this man who found how real it is that US is the land of real opportunities, after believing it and preaching it as contender will find himself in a new level of the game, just this time the name will be candidate. He will learn now compromise.

He has to find a way to compromise with the stubborn lady, he has to compromise with the lobbies and the unions, he has to compromise with the party’s mechanisms and he has to compromise with the reality of the George W. Bush administration and what will be left for to him. He has to compromise with a conservative republic and a 'scared to the big changes' nation, he has to compromise with fundraisers and local party leeches, he has to compromise again and again and again.

Except if he has a B-plan, except if his Pax Obama is real and it can work and I’m not talking about his personal charm, the man has a natural charisma in the way only J. F. Kennedy had in the American presidential history, but he needs a plan that instead of leading him to compromises will help him to make peace with all of them. A peace that might postpone all the compromise or eliminate them at all. It is more difficult, far more difficult from the sound of it.

Lobbies, unions, and the party’s mechanism have real power in American politics and they have won elections as the past has proven. The stubborn lady is not going to sell her supporters easily and most definitely she’s going to remind everybody that she’s holding the women’s and Latino vote. Actually I strongly believe that she hasn’t done her last move yet and I’m just waiting to see what that will be.

Pax Obama and there is now time to wait and see, whatever is the plan he has to put in action soon. As I have said before Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama apart of everything else they definitely managed to unite all the sides of the conservative America around McCain and I think this is going to be harder to win than it was before and this time we might count the difference literally in some votes instead of thousands. McCain is the dream conservative candidate, war hero accepted from both sides, enough Bush to attract his voters and not Bush to get some of the undecided ones. He has some gray areas like a handicap ex-wife but he has a very American life with his second wife. Some questions here and there but nothing that cannot be answered. Obama has to make peace with this also.

Tough game, but a man who wants to make the difference must play and win it in all its levels and the truth is that his only chance is Pax Obama!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-06-17 09:59:50
Indeed Thanos, as already mentioned in my piece on Obama yesterday, the ability to detect the other side of the coin is often perceived as a compromise of sort. In reality all great statesmen operating within a democratic milieu need to compromise on what is secondary and not terribly important and barrint that find common ground, while holding firm and even fighting on important principles. Nobody peace remains desirable and preferable, except when it is the peace of cowardice or the peace found in every cemetery. That kind of peace, I am afraid, never did anybody any good.

I am intrigued by what you dub Hillary's secret next move on the Machiavellian chess board of American election politics. It is to be fervently hoped that it will not be the "Tonia Harding solution" hinted by her gratuitous statement on Robert Kennedy's assasination in June 1968. That would be the equivalent of handing in the victory to McCain and to four more years of Bush policies characterized by the slogan: "Give war a chance!" I suppose we shall soon find out; for there are only four months to the next Presidential election.

Emanuel Paparella2008-06-17 10:03:43
Errata: "Nobody" above should read "No doubt."

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