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Ireland Says "No" To Plan B, But Don't Worry, We Still Have Plan C, Plan D And Plan E
by Europe & Us
2008-06-16 08:00:03
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Since the days of Shakespeare, drama is at home in English-speaking countries. So it was almost pathetic that the results of the Irish referendum about the Lisbon Treaty were announced on Friday 13th. And Friday 13th might turn out to Elm Street for Euro technocrats. Ireland has rejected the Lisbon Treaty and since the Treaty must be signed by all 27 member states of the EU, it can be considered as clinically dead. Bad news, since the Lisbon Treaty was already “Plan B” for the Treaty for a European Constitution, which had been rejected by the French and the Dutch.

europeusPlan C will be conducted by Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel. They will soon propose to continue the ratification process in the remaining parliaments. As soon as the other 26 member states have signed the Treaty, they will propose several options to the Irish. Option a) vote again and this time as we want, option b) leave the EU and option c) become a “privileged partner” of the EU like Turkey. But this kind of political blackmailing requires that Gordon Brown plays the game in England and does not stop the ratification process.

If this fails, and chances are high that it will fail, let’s go for Plan D. Have the stubborn Irish vote on the same text over and over again (and make voting mandatory, ideally under heavy penalties), every week if necessary, until we end up having a “Yes” majority. For Plan D, an option would be to simply fake the voting results. Specialist for the matter from Belarus or Zimbabwe will be glad to lend a helping hand.

And if nothing else helps, José Barroso can still ask the Americans to invade Ireland (provided he does it quickly, as long as George W. Bush is still in office. And hell, there must be numerous chemical weapon plants on the green island). Once Ireland is occupied and annexed by the USA, the Irish do not belong to Europe anymore and the Lisbon Treaty can be signed. Maybe we would save a lot of time and trouble if we went directly to Plan E.

Totally excluded, though, seems Plan F – which would be to entirely revise the contents of the Treaty, consult with the 450 million European citizens, simplify the text so that everybody can read and understand it and then have all 450 million European vote on this new text the same day. Although this could be considered being a democratic approach, it sounds like utopia. Let’s keep it realistic – it’ll be one of Plans C to E.

Kai Littmann is journalist

(Taken from

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Emanuel Paparella2008-06-16 10:44:21
Sometimes the way up (or out) is the way down. In academia there is a descending spiral reflected in grades A, B, C, D, and than there is F which is the letter of disaster. Paradoxically, in this case F might be the way out, but that assumes that people know what a proper Constitution is all about and have the audacity to actually write it and implement it.

Clint2008-06-16 12:07:32
Glad I'm not the only Cuckoo in the nest. As the Irish were the only one of the 27 nations given the chance to hold a referendum how many other nations would have said NO the given the chance. The UK certainly would by a huge majority and have the Dutch and French people changed in 3 years!

Emanuel Paparella2008-06-16 15:07:12
Indeed, the people are waiting for a vision expressed in a Constitution; instead they get a banal commercial agreement too intricate even to read and understand and from which even the designation Constitution has been deleted larded over with bureaucratic language. Utopia never looked so good as when one even attempts to read it. If that's all such a document is, then the Swiss and the Norvegians have a point in considering it useless and not joining the charade.

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