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Hammering Concrete!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-06-14 08:20:36
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A brand new exhibition from Thanos Kalamidas.

For the full Hammering Concrete! Exhibition, click HERE!

For more Exhibitions, click HERE!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-06-14 09:55:46
And gathering wheat? Unfortunately Stalin and Mao did not see the two as complementary to each other despite the presence of that symbol on their flags, a sign perhaps of a lack of imagination, for artistic expression has no difficulty in harmonizing the two. It is elusive to define exactly what art is but one of my preferred definition is art as the philosopher’s stone transforming even the sordid and the banal into the Beautiful, the True and the Good!

Alexandra Pereira2008-06-14 19:11:53
Great artworks, Thanos! Congratulations. Thorough and symbolic.

Eva2008-06-16 17:24:39
I love them! They are very "you". Congrats to the exhibition :)

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