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Our Global Societies' Philosopher's Stone
by Leah Sellers
2008-06-14 08:20:21
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The Philosopher’s Stone. The mystical, magical, seemingly unattainable Philosopher’s Stone. Throughout the ages alchemists secretly mixed up and cooked up innumerable chemicals attempting to create the Philosopher’s Stone. Some alchemists spent their lives in search of the mysterious concoction which would produce the powerful legendary Stone. Why? Because, like the Holy Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone was supposed to be the miraculous ’cure all’ for the entire World’s ills.

Now, that’s a heady thought!

Alchemy is sometimes vilified because it’s associated with magic. In my mind, magic is just unknown Science; just as today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s Science. Alchemy is simply a primitive form of chemistry which searched for and studied the components of matter. It could even be said that Alchemy is an art and science of matter theory.

Dubiously, some alchemists, while striving to unravel elemental mysteries through their painstaking experimentations and deliberations would, at times, get caught up in the sticky web of seeking ultimate power. Ultimate power, not solely for the benefit and healing of humankind, but for themselves. These alchemists often became distracted in their quest for the Philosopher's Stone, and obsessed with spending much of their time trying to convert lead to Gold. Pure Gold. Undiluted, untainted, titillating Gold.

The Gold chasing alchemists made a too common human miscalculation, because unlike the Philosopher’s Stone, Gold, in and of itself, cannot cure the World’s social shortcomings or destructive social diseases. In fact, more often than not, the pursuit of Gold has a tendency to make us all highly distractible and highly susceptible to our baser impulses and desires.

Humankind’s Thoughts and Wills create energetic currents and patterns that have far reaching personal, social, environmental and global Ripple Effects. Gold flows where Our energetic Wills direct it to go. How often have we heard people say, "follow the Money, follow the Gold"? Only then will you be able to discover, and possibly fathom, the Sender’s true intentions, true purposes and goals, true energetic patterns and emerging Ripple Effects.

If Societies’ become out of Balance, too narcissistic, too greedy, too apathetically blind to the needs and desires of Others, Gold flows purely and freely, consciously and unconsciously, to those out of balance energetic pursuits and goals. The scales tip, and over time, Societies become diseased and gradually more and more dysfunctional and disintegrated. Just like a healthy person who consumes too much food (infused energy), too much sugar (infused energy), and refuses to exercise (diffused energy), will usually, over time, become diabetic (diseased). Similar physiological and psychological difficulties are inherent with bulemic persons who eat and force themselves to purge the nutrition (energy) the body needs to function properly, or anorexics who simply refuse to eat and eventually starve themselves to death. Untreated, diabetics’, bulemics and anorexics physiological and psychological systems become unbalanced, diseased, disintegrated, and dysfunctional. It's all a misuse and examples of unbalanced energies, pursuits and goals.

On the other hand, if Societies’ strive to become more equally Balanced in their Understanding of Self and Other/Give and Take energies, Intentions, Attentions and Actions, the Gold flows purely and freely, consciously and unconsciously, toward more egalitarian energetic pursuits and goals. Just like a person who balances appropriate food intake with appropriate exertions of exercise usually remains healthy and high functioning.

The alchemical food (energy) choices are ours. We are what we eat (energetic choices). We are what we feed our Brains. We are what we choose to Think, Dream and Focus upon. We are what we choose to Energize.

Like the alchemists, Individuals and Societies, also struggle with the push-pull relationships and attractions inherent within the historical, metaphorical and actual pursuits of the Philosopher’s Stone and Gold. It's an arduous and complex balancing act.

It is my belief that the components of the Philosopher’s Stone are not solely external, but are also internalized within Humankind; are mysteriously embedded within each and every Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit existing upon our beautiful, blue-green, Cosmic gemstone, Earth.

Perhaps, if We choose to mix-up and cook-up our Global Alchemical Wills, Our Intentions and Actions toward a Balanced Self and Other/Give and Take, Individual and Collective energetic modality, We can Heal Ourselves - Balance Ourselves. And, as a result, better comprehend and more wisely direct the internal and external forces which govern Us and govern our planet.

Perhaps, if We can expand the way We perceive Ourselves and Others. We can recognize and realize the Healing power within each in every One of Us. We can recognize and realize that We are a Choral symphony of vibratory Wills whose resonating, sentient Voices of Flesh and Bone, Spirit and Stone are transformational, transmutational.

Recognize and realize that We are the Philosophers. We are the Living Stones, Singing Stones, Creative and Alchemical Stones of Universal Song. We are the elemental Components, Capacities and Potentialities of and for Healing. We are the mystical, magical, miraculously attainable Philosopher’s Stone!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-06-14 09:39:53
Indeed, one can take ugly stones such as natural disasters (a storm causing a shipreck) or man-made disasters such as war and tranform them through the alchemy of art. The result is Homer's The Ilyad and Gericault's The Raft of the Medusa. All of that was well known to "old age philosophy" some twenty two thousand years ago as Aristotle's Poetics confirms.

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