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Musharraf will be... watching!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-06-10 08:20:15
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It has been a long time since we heard from him but it seems with everything going on with Mugabe he had to make sure people knew his intentions. So the Pakistani dictator and so-called President, Pervez Musharraf, in a very important interview, informed journalists that he has no immediate plans to resign and go into exile!

I bet the reporter who dared to ask the magic question is already counting the tiles in his dark cell and I doubt if he will see the sun and the blue sky for a long time. Of course, he added that he will keep supporting the government and continue to give his backing. Some people have a strange way when it comes to backing… some do it with a gun at the back of your head, but this is a complicated story isn’t it?

Just like every similar story that includes a dictator who came to power with a military coup and the tanks driving around the centre of the capital, blaming politicians for corruption when living like a monarch or in Musharraf’s case like a caliph and decorating their path with a few assassinations, sorry I meant mysterious deaths by hitting the head on the pavement; any rumours of bullets is nothing more than a conspiracy of the foreign enemies of the state!

The chance for a question like this to step down came from the idea that the people who won the February elections and govern the country are not his allies. I need some explanation here because I don’t really understand - fine, they are not his allies but does that make them his enemies? Because as far I know his enemies or better any serious opposition is assassinated, imprisoned or in exile! The men and women who won the elections and serve the Pakistani government under the mercy of Musharraf everyday before they pray to Allah, they pray to Musharraf to keep them alive and most likely spend the rest of their day licking his fat ass!

So these people didn’t even dare think to move him from the presidency, most likely they were not in the mood to see the tanks parading again in the centre of Islamabad! “I’m not tendering resignation now,” he added in his briefing to the reporters. Tendering? A very good choice of words Perez, I mean with all he has done to Pakistan with a little help from his friends in the tanks he has literally tender everything in Pakistan including their spirit!

But then again this puppet government has somehow to excuse its existence, you never know, Musharraf will end one day and we still have careers, they are probably thinking. So they have a plan to make some chances in the constitution to reduce Musharraf’s powers. Well the man had an answer to that since he has big dreams for his role and he doesn’t like it to become ceremonial, “I will keep watching,” he said, “I cannot become a useless vegetable!” and by this statement he was referring to his present state of mind obviously!

Don’t feel chills down your back when Musharraf says …I will keep watching? Even the Terminator sounded less scary when he said something similar! Musharraf the Terminator! Musharraf is close to nine years in power this year since his military coup and at the end of the last year in a democratic effort he stepped down as army chief and remained just the president of Pakistan! How long Pakistan will survive Musharraf remains a question!

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