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"The Marvelous Cosmic Zoo"
by Jan Sand
2008-06-08 09:39:11
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Come ladies, come gents
To our wonderful events.
I would like to invite you inside
To our great cosmic zoo,
Fascinating to you.
Please enter, let me be your guide.

We've creatures with some features
Totally unknown to teachers
Gathered up by spatial exploration.
They rumble and they roar,
They squeak, and sometimes they snore.
They deserve your closest contemplation.

There's the rolly-poly wiggly thing
That's round and furry like a ring.
Its sharpened claws should give no cause
For panicking, or even a small fright.
It may nibble on your nose
Or lick the stuff between your toes
And only rarely does it growl and bite.

We've a tiger made of fuzzy hair
That, strangely, almost isn't there.
It lives inside a cage of vacuum.
Its composed of anti-matter.
Please don't touch or we'll scatter
Blown completely out to kingdom come.

Here's a Yooman in a crouch
Watching TV on a couch
Chomping chips and gulping down its beer.
It delights in murders by the ton
Utilizing knives, a club or gun,
But why it likes this isn't very clear.

So enter now into our zoo.
See these things both strange and new.
I'm sure you'll be surprised and engaged.
But behave yourself, be polite.
Be gentle, calm, or you might
Discover you yourself restrained and caged.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-06-08 15:59:21
Musings on today’s Ovi’s cover: obviously the robot on today’s front cover promising a return (and vaguely reminiscent of the one on the front cover of 25 June 2007) is neither General Caesar nor General Mc Cartur vowing a return to their admiring cohorts. Could it be rather the more prosaic and banal “ordinary Djo” from Japan, created for the satisfaction of sexually and politically frustrated Western males, returning by popular demand and general acclamation from a trip around the world while dodging bullets at airports? From where will it be making its return this time around? Or, as I suspect, is it just referring to today's lead story about Hillary Clinton. Either way, I remain perplexed by the significance of it all.

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