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How interesting!
by Leah Sellers
2008-06-07 09:16:48
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Three days before the democratic convention is to take place in Colorado, the violent men who willingly murdered thousands of people from all over the world on American soil at the World Trade Center are finally being tried for their crimes. What a juxtaposition - What a wound to abraise and irritate at this juncture in time.

How Interesting!

To take these violent men from Guantanamo Bay, a special prison where our American Shadow-selves clashed with their Middle Eastern Shadow-selves. The darker Selves from both continents. A tainted place where We struggled with the dark need and desire to terrorize and torture them as they had terrorized and tortured us.

How Interesting !

To hear these murderers stand up in Our American courts and call our legal institutions and laws ‘evil’. To declare their actions as political instead of criminal, as though by differentiating between the words ‘political’ and ‘criminal’ they somehow make their murders and hatreds more or less palatable; more or less meaningful.

How Interesting!

To hear the Murderers reject the aid of their assigned lawyers in order to represent themselves within the confines of a maximum security bunker designed and built to protect everyone within while the Murderers arguments and pleas for justice take place.

How Interesting!

To hear these Murderers say, "I want you to kill me! I want my blood upon your American Hands! I want you to make me a Martyr! I am more powerful in Death than I am in Life!" What a tragic admission!

How interesting!

To throw this old wound, this terrible tragedy into the faces of Americans while the Democratic Party discusses avenues and pathways toward peaceful solutions and withdrawals from the foreign soil which gave birth to these Murderers - these self proclaimed, hate filled Terrorists and Wanna-Be Martyrs.

When will We ever learn ? War, Jihad, makes Murderers, Terrorists and Saboteurs of Us All.
The Earth has gotten smaller and more crowded. Due to mass forms, and various expressions, of world communication, mobility and trade, our global neighbors exist and live closer to us.

We must find other ways and means of exposing, expressing and dealing with our disagreements, our problems and difficulties with one another. The violent end of the world will come at Humankind’s Hands only if we Dream it so. We should All pay particular and focused attention to the Dreams we are choosing to Breath Life into.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-06-07 10:10:12
Ghandi said that if we proceeded with the ethos of an eye for an eye and the idea that two wrongs make a right, half the world would be blind. How interesting.

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