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How Bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-06-07 09:16:35
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Dentist with …Alzheimer’s

Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) wants the Medical Responsibility Board to revoke the license of a female dentist who suffers from Alzheimer’s. The woman, who runs her practice from her home in Skåne in southern Sweden, has suffered from the disease for many years. The Health and Welfare Board writes in its request that the woman forgets patient information and often gets lost at her place of work. Her memory loss has been getting worse since the start of the decade.

The dentist says that she has stopped treating patients, but has apparently not done so. From the standpoint of patient safety, the Health and Welfare Board finds it unsatisfactory that the dentist hasn’t quit earlier or been persuaded to cease operations. Now the woman has stated that she’s not capable of requesting to have her license revoked, but is thankful that the Health and Welfare Board will take care of the matter for her.

Just remembered … I have a very important question for my dentist, does she remember me?


Inmate with guns, TV, fridge in cell

The luxurious lifestyle of a convict in northeastern Brazil has come to an abrupt end after police confiscated a plasma TV set, gym equipment, two pistols and cash worth $173,000 from his cell, officials said. Bahia's Prison Affairs Department head Jose Francisco Leite said police raided the cell Monday in a statewide crackdown on drug trafficking.

He said Tuesday authorities have ordered an investigation of how of Genilson Lins da Silva got 280,000 reals ($173,000), two .38-caliber pistols and other amenities into his cell at the Bahia's Lemos Brito Penitentiary. Silva is serving 28 years for robbery and murder and was transferred to another prison. Leite says Silva "led a posh prison life in his cell, which he occupied all by himself."

You wonder what the man was carrying around when he was out of prison!


Name baby's father on birth

Unmarried mothers will have to include the name of their child's father on birth certificates under sweeping changes to the law. Men who claim they are being excluded will also get the right to demand a paternity test and be formally acknowledged on registers.

The Government proposals aim to give more children the 'security' of being acknowledged by both parents. Under its plans GPs or social workers will be asked to corroborate claims that the woman or child would be at risk by naming the father, while those who say they do not know the father's identity would have to persuade the registrar they are telling the truth.

Ministers believe that making it a legal responsibility for fathers to register births jointly with mothers will also make it easier to settle disputes over child maintenance. Fathers who refuse to be named and mothers who do not record the father's name are liable for a £200 fine.

The cost of a name!


Stripers with …no clothes!

Australian male strip review The Thunder From Down Under has had to cancel parts of its US tour because they've got nothing to wear after their van was stolen.

The strippers were in Annapolis, Maryland, on Friday night when the van went missing. The van contained thousands of dollars of equipment, costumes and merchandise and the strippers have promised a US$5000 ($5230) reward to whoever can help them get it back. "They were shocked," said Bradford Singh, a manager at the Ram's Head Tavern where the troupe had been performing, "Maybe it was one of the ladies who just wanted a thong."

They need to wear something to …take it off!

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