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Uusitalo by Riipinen
by Marjukka Uusitalo
2008-06-06 08:07:08
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Uusitalo by Riipinen
From the pages of the News of the World to Art News
Retrospective Exhibition 1997 -2008
Selected Works from Past to Present

Photographer, painter and designer Kari Riipinen has a comprehensive retrospective exhibition at Galleria Uusitalo in June 2008. Since 1977 Riipinen has designed hundreds of record album covers, posters, labels, book covers etc. He has engaged in publicity photography for the music business, rock musicians, authors, composers, dancers, models, artists and celebrities.

Between 1975 and 2001 Riipinen also published several articles and poems in various cultural publications. The exhibition at Uusitalo will showcase Riipinen’s career, presenting recent works, including paintings and reworkings of his earlier photographic output, together with a selection of the artist’s favourite work from the past 3 decades.
















Interview and Madonna Collage, 2007

Finnish Landscape in Winter, 2006-07

Finnish Landscape in Summer, 2006-07

Artists Portrait Swedish Publisher, 2005

* * * * * * *

Galleria Uusitalo, Lönnrotinkatu 15, 00120 Helsinki
Tel: 09 - 4780 0850, 04 - 547 5379.
e-mail: marjukka@galleriauusitalo.inet.fi



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Alexandra Pereira2008-06-06 14:19:45
Great! :) I'll stop by to have a look :) Riipinen has this big wonderful book he edited himself with his past works, that he offered to his friends. Amazing indeed :) Riipinen is one of those few artists whose dimention and importance goes much beyond the finnish borders. Good works are universal! Good artists are international, and have a mind and spirit without borders too! :) A cheer to Riipinen's new rise! :) Fantastic news for the arts world, and for finnish arts too! Congratulations to Uusitalo for the braveness.

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