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Wings of the American eagle
by Leah Sellers
2008-06-03 08:02:59
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In American life and politics everyone keeps talking about the left wing Liberals and the right wing Conservatives. Mid-wingers flutter somewhere and everywhere in between. In my experience, the Liberals are actually the Conservatives and the Conservatives are actually the Liberals.

The left wing Liberals strive for the Conservative, safe and limited use, exploitation and consumption of our world's environmental and natural resources, while attempting to Conserve, preserve and protect all forms of planetary life, their rights and their habitats.

On the other hand (or wing), the right wing Conservatives strive to Liberally practice and protect free market supply and demand, and unfettered free trade; while Liberally construing a view of mankind’s unbridled divine entitlement and right to use, exploit and consume (in one form or another) all planetary life forms, and all natural resources and habitats as they so choose.

The Mid-wingers circle in and out of both ‘nests’ at will.

The American eagle has two wings - a left wing and a right wing. Only when the Eagle effectively balances the pressures exerted inwardly and outwardly between the two wings does the Mighty Bird make headway; getting up off of the ground in order to Fly.

So, Left wingers, Right wingers and Mid-wingers let us simultaneously lift our Wings High in Common, Conservative and Liberal Good Will. Lift them Higher still, and allow the American Eagle to Fly - to Soar - and lift us All up to Higher ground - Higher Purpose - and a brighter dream of futures just beyond the horizon - of futures and expectations beyond our wildest and most aspiring dreams to come.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-06-03 11:05:22
The motto under the eagle on the dollar bill says "e pluribus unum" which perhaps can imaginatively be translated as "united we stand, divided we fail." Indeed an eagle, and even a mechanical airplane cannot fly with one wing only but the Washington and/or Brussels politicians have still to come around to ponder that simple lesson, never mind practicing it.

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