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"Marine Mentality"
by Jan Sand
2008-06-01 10:30:52
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A shark is a fish
who could find you delish
After a gulp at a squid
For this carnivore
Has a mind at its core
Comprised in toto of id.
While you must give a plus
To the wild octopus
With a brain divided in lobes
With one for each pod
'Cause its thinking is odd
With multitudinous phobes.
A starfish is strange
With a small mental range
And an appetite mostly for oysters
Who are no competition
For mind erudition
In contrast to monks stuck in cloisters.
A jellyfish mind
You cannot find
For its neurons are finely distributed
Which makes it most free
From anxiety
And frightfully uninhibited.
A lobster may be
One must agree
Caught in continuous question.
For its feet and its claws
And its multiple jaws
Must function to aid its digestion
And which to move first
Is a query quite cursed
For there really is many too many.
But I wouldnt suggest
It would be much more blessed
If it had in its place not any.
The snail in its shell
Is feeling most well

When dripping with goo and with slime.
And its thoughts are aglow
When thinking quite slow,
An adept at taking its time.

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