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The next crime of the Myanmar junta
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-06-01 10:31:04
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If anything could get worse in Burma - or Myanmar as the dictators like to call the country - it just did; in the middle of a cyclone, literally and metaphorically, they announced that they are going to extend the pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s house arrest!

To suppress the political and civil rights of the people is one thing but to fail them while a natural disaster happens and show how naked you are is a totally different thing. The cyclone found a country not prepared for any natural disaster, especially worrying since Burma is a country in the danger zone for earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones, and the victims were in their thousands. Hundred of thousands because it is not only the people who died but also the ones who lost everything, it is the people left without a father, mother or a brother, there are the people who lost their homes and, as I said, these people count in their hundred of thousands.

So what’s the very first obligation of any state, even a dictatorship like the one that rules Myanmar? Reassure people that there is hope; make them feel that apart from any ideological difference, behind any corruption and crime, there are humans who cannot leave fellow humans dying, including people who might support them. This is exactly where the Myanmar junta failed and more people died. Hundreds, thousands more people. Under international pressure the junta was forced to accept the help that was being offered from everywhere.

I have the feeling that nobody understood what I just said; actually, I’m writing it again because I found it difficult to believe it myself. After the cyclone hundred of thousands of people lost their homes, they lost everything, even the ability of a plate with rice and some milk for their kids. People started dying and the situation was becoming critical with international organizations warning for thousands of dead, especially kids because of the lack of food. Naturally, all the countries from all around the world, even countries that survive with help abroad, started loading aeroplanes and ships ready to go to Burma and help the people, and they could start straightaway if the junta hadn’t stopped them. The criminals that rule this poor country, the drug dealers in army uniforms, most likely thought that the rice was poisoned with democracy!

Yes, they stopped all the aeroplanes, they stopped all the help, they stopped all the food and the milk for Burma’s kids because their minor brains are full of … I'd better not write it! The international pressure kept piling forcing them in the end to accept all the help but still all the help had to go through their office stamped as made and offered from them and then driven to the people. How many kids died in the meantime is a mystery and I hope we will find out soon so there will be a stronger case when it comes the time for the court. How much of this help ended in gangsters’ stockrooms, how much of this help is sold from these gangsters on the black market is another mystery but it did happen. After all, we are talking about a gang of criminals and drug dealers that rule the country, people without any conscience, people who murder and have lost count of how many they have killed.

But again, the democracy virus might have managed to go through, you just never know how their micro brains work; so they should do something about the face that represents any hope for the people of this country, Aung San Suu Kyi. And what they do? They extend her house arrest and put in prison a few people who tried to meet her and give her some news from her dying country.

What is left? The international community saw first-hand how they can press the junta and they saw first-hand how they can scare them, France at least had a taste. The next thing the people of Burma need after rice and milk is freedom and a coordinated strong reaction from all around the world can do it. Now everybody knows that these men in uniform that rule the country are common criminals the worst type, it is time to send them where they really belong, in a dark cell to rule mice and spiders!
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