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Hillary's Bitter Pillary
by Leah Sellers
2008-05-30 09:11:01
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For several months, the American Democratic Party has been prodding Mrs. Hillary Clinton in various forums and mediums "to quit the Race".

The Democratic Party has decided to throw its super delegate (does this mean they can leap buildings in a single bound or run faster than a speeding train?) support to Mr. Barak Obama. It appears that Mrs. Clinton's winning the nationwide popular vote is of no importance to the Democratic Party's electoral process.

As 'democratic' Americans, many of our Congressmen appear to have no difficulty with the idea that we are keeping the precious lives of our military troops engaged in battle on foreign soil so that we can (putting economic considerations aside) supposedly help Iraq create a just, ethical and safe democratic governmental framework and process.

As a voting (not super) American I am compelled to ask, "What sort of Example are we setting?" Do as I Say, not as I Do?

I commend Mrs. Clinton's bodacious strength of character. She refused to be beaten down by the Democratic Party (and their compliant allies). The Democratic Party that Mrs. Clinton has been faithful to and diligently served throughout her lifetime. However, Mrs. Clinton refused to give into her disappointments and the Democratic Party's and media's scrutiny and criticisms. She stayed the course against great odds.

In watching this play out within the American national psyche, I have decided not to become disillusioned. Instead, I have decided to coldly and reticently embrace the Shadow of human fallacies and follies involved with the Democratic process as I have warmly and enthusiastically embraced the Light of Democracy's humanely benevolent and enlightened ideologies.

I have also grown to acknowledge and respect the resolute strength and idealistic integrity of a woman I once questioned. While wading through very murky and sweeping political currents Mrs. Clinton has exhibited and proven her ability to stand strong and move forward toward what she believes in. She chose to embody the kind of leadership and mettle needed to effectively engage the status quo toward 'Change'.

Play the Clinton vs. Obama Boxing Game

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Emanuel Paparella2008-05-30 10:16:05
The Titanic too stayed the course, full speed ahead and damned the icebergs. The Platonic ship of state? So did Rocky and the Sopranos to whom Senator Clinton has compared herself at different expedient times of her political career (but alas stubbornness and obtuseness is not the equivalent of character strength, and certainly not of wisdom) so did Samson for that matter, when he brought down the house and all its Philistines in it, which for Republicans must surely include Nancy Pelosi who dares to counsel and envision the common good of the party and not mere personal ambition.

Indeed, this will be one for the Democrats to lose and they may achieve it again. It may in fact be the ultimate aim of an overambitious lady which seems to be intent on bringing the house down if her less than honorable mathematical contortions and the twisting and changing of the rules of the game are not accepted. And if it does happen, it would not be the first time either that the Democrats have extracted defeat out of the jaws of victory; they did it in 2000 and then again in 2004; they seem to have become quite good at it. And once the house is brought down and one has cut one’s nose to spite one’s face, it will be quite intriguing to find out, after the dust has settled and after we have had four more years of George Bush policies and one hundred years of war in Iraq via McCain, if there’ll be anything left standing for Senator Clinton to pick up and run on in four years. There wasn’t much of the Titanic left either when she stayed the course full speed ahead and ignored the icebergs. Is there a lesson in that story?

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