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Something Foreseeable, This Way Comes
by Leah Sellers
2008-05-26 07:46:19
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Repeating the same behavior with the expectation of getting different results, different outcomes, is supposed to be the definitive definition of Insanity. Socially, historically and psychologically War equals destructive and manipulative Chaos. The same continued behavior (War) equals the same results/outcomes (destructive and manipulative Chaos) each and every time. The faces and players may change, but the myriad of behaviors and motivations of varying ethical and amoral shades of gray do not.

Every story has a thousand versions. In social and individual histories creating events and environments in which people are placed into ‘survival mode’ can be very effective for Folks who choose to make particular tools and usages of di-versions and a-versions. "The sky is falling!! Oil costs are soaring!! Food costs are rising!! Food shortages will starve us all!! Housing foreclosures abound!! Natural disasters will destroy us all!! Di-versions and a-versions !!"

Quick, don’t pause to catch your Breath. Don’t Think. Don’t Reason. This is the time to be thoughtlessly reactionary. We need knee jerk reactions - hasty band-aid fixes - blind obedience. Di-versions and a-versions !

Some say, "Listen to Us. We are the wealthy and powerful. We deserve your attention - your homage. Worship our needs. Worship our greeds. We’re the ‘good guys’. See our white hats held over our hearts of darkness? We’re good as gold, because we’re always after gold, and all of the clinging change in each and every one of your pockets."

"When we choose, we’ll stir things up. We’ll watch with analyzing eyes while all of you scurry and worry. We’ll upset your comfort zones. We’ll make Chicken Littles of you all. Get into someone’s comfort zone and you’ve got their attention; their focus, their energy."

"We want to drill oil when and where we please. So, we’ll squeeze your complacency; get our well-intentioned fingers into your pocket books. Gas will go up to $5.00 and more a gallon at every pump. We’ll blame our food shortages on corn production and ethanol. Eventually, out of reactionary fear, scapegoating anger, you’ll want to abolish the movements toward alternative fuel sources and inventions. You’ll want to return to the oil dependent ‘good ole days’ and the global economic powers that be will rejoice over their lucrative victory."

"Perhaps, we’ll even think of ways for the American public to pay for all of the oil used in their war machines, flybirds, ships, tanks, armored vehicles, etc... We can pass that expenditure onto them at the gas pump, the grocery stores, their taxes, as well. We’ll continue our placating lies and machinations being fed to the public. We’ll keep them confused, angry and frightened. The Middle Eastern Oil Cartel will probably go along. It’s to their advantage. Infuse power into this part of the World and diffuse power from that part of the World. Di-versions and a-versions !

We don’t want people to ask the right questions. Questions like, "Who has the most to benefit economically and socially? Who has the most to lose socially and economically? Are we in the process of redistributing power? If so, where is that power being redistributed to and why?

What global Puppeteers are manipulating and pulling our strings: the Oil string, the Food string, the Housing string, the Employment string, the Transportation and Mobility string, the Survival string, our strings of Fear. Fear does make unfortunate enemies of us all. Historically, enemies give us a sense of purpose. What enemies will we choose? World poverty and hunger? The disenfranchised? World energy shortages? One another?

The puppeteers must enjoy their anonymity, their invisibility. Out of Sight, out of Mind. Out of Mind, out of Foresight. It’s an effective and affective strategy.

Perhaps, humankind has taken on the metaphor of Revelations’ biblical plague of voracious Consumer-Locusts. Mindlessly destructive to ourselves; destructive to everything around us.
Perhaps, we will choose, individually and collectively, to have the strength of Mind, Body and Spirit to transform into statewide, nationwide, planetary Care-Givers instead of Care-Takers. Understanding that a Balance between the two needs to be restored. Acknowledging the fact that the Words we choose to give power and meaning to define who we are.

What Words will we choose? What behaviors will we choose to initiate, to act upon, to repeat? What Visions and Visionaries will we give Our energies, Our attention; Our focus? How will they define Us? Will we become Chicken Littles or Wise Peaceful Warriors?

What if the Masses take a resolute stand and Change in unexpected, thoughtful and humane ways. What if we refuse to blindly react to all of the di -versions and a-versions, forcing ourselves to Think ourselves through the ancient global game of power and greed? What if the Masses decided to cut the Puppeteers’ strings? What decisions would be made? Will we choose continued self and other destruction or self and other reconstruction toward a creatively humane and preservationist conservation truly honoring and respecting the personal liberties, rights and needs, individually, socially, nationally and globally of all peoples, all creatures great and small, all nations?

What Foreseeable Future This Way Comes?

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Emanuel Paparella2008-05-26 12:23:26
The following excerpt perhaps addresses the urgent question on today's cover:

"Perhaps the end of the world is near. I don’t know what foolish things people and nations will permit themselves to do in the near future, what compacts we will make with hell through the use of nuclear and biological weapons, what ecological disasters we will actively perpetrate or merely permit to happen or what unprecedented human tragedy we will willingly or witlessly sponsor. I only know that if there is a danger of the imminent destruction of the world, God’s hand is not in it. And if I am to be God’s man for this moment, it will be my obligation to work with him to see that it doesn’t happen."
--Robert Bachelder (from "Is the End Near?)

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