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by Jan Sand
2008-05-25 09:05:51
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Humphry fell from the sky to my feet
From a gull, swooping by.
A tablespoonful of sparrow
Intent on self destruction as he hopped

Into the street. But I stopped
His foolishness, cupped him in my palm
And, with misgivings, took him home.
Ideas for nourishment for such a puff
Of feathers puzzled me, looked tough
But anyhow I figured what the hell
If one of God’s fallen sparrows fell
To my responsibility I had no choice
But to see he did well.

At first his beak tightly closed
Refused to open to my offerings.
This and that I tried but no matter
How I pried he gave no access. I supposed
He must be demented
No matter what I presented
He denied his sustenance,
Darkly suspicious of my intents.

At end, a touch of honey lightly diluted
With a drop of water suited
His desire. He gulped it down
And asked for more. With haste
I fulfilled his taste
And was rewarded with a chirp.
His demeanor brightened, I faced
Optimistic prospects. Now more solid stuff
Could make its way down that throat
Honey adulterated
To get him sated fat and flyable
And make his future more reliable.

So, stuffed with catfood soaked in honey,
My adopted son with luck
And weather, sunny,
Could escape the nip and tuck,
Fat and sassy finally, and mature
Enough to make sure
I could send him off with a sigh
Back to his brethren in the sky.

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