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Those Mototi Days
by Emmanuel Sigauke
2016-04-25 10:45:36
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I sat on the summit of Chisiya, on the hard overhanging granite
contemplating the day this rock would tire and abandon duty,
thinking: But let that day be one I am perched here, an eagle,
looking in the distance, pursuing my shadow in the future.

Time thundered too, not caring whether we heard it's rumble;
much work to do here on earth
that no break was warranted, so time toiled on
as I squatted on the overhanging rock
wondering when it would heed the call of time
but thinking if that were to happen soon
let me be witness to the chaos of its fall.


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Emanuel Paparella2016-04-25 18:45:07
Insightful poem. Thanks for sharing. It brought me back to some of the poetic expressions found in the Psalms transcending the finite and the created universe.

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