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Jane of Thought: Mother's Day, yeah baby!
by Jane Eagle
2008-05-11 09:48:25
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Hellooooo!!! Who missed me? Ok, alright, wow so many, get in line, don’t push each other… but enough of me, this is not a special day for me after all ‘cause I got no kids. Today it’s Mother’s Day, so come on, go and send flowers, kisses and lots of Hallmark Cards for the amazing creature that brought the amazing you into life and taught you how to walk and speak – she didn’t teach you how to dance though, hmmm tough.

Mothers… women… women… mothers… Aren’t we something – I say.

What is a mother anyway? A woman that brings a new life into the world and determines drastically her child’s upbringing! Behind every great man there’s a great woman and it’s no joke ‘cause no one’s laughing for a start. Secondly you have noticed in History how mothers and spouses/lovers influenced male leaders. I’d tell a couple of examples but you got enough A’s in school… you already know and you don’t need me to be Miss “I know everything”.

This powerful bond/relationship that connects the two sexes is either erotic or parental –yep I don’t care for heterosexual friendships that much. Men admire women for being able to give birth, in other words create. After all, haven’t you heard what were Kurt Cobain’s favorite pets – the male seahorse, the exception that can carry his kiddies. And who can forget the classic scene from "The Family Guy" where the family guy himself attempts to breastfeed (gross!) his baby boy…

Just a little personal note here (“a strange interlude” a Marx brother would say): I believe that this is the reason there is a male dominance in the art world – man’s need to mimic maternity by creating his own form of “life” (=art)… just a thought, right?

So, many ancient societies were matriarchal, nature is a girl (and loves green, which is the new pink) and in Greek Mythology (which is awesome just because I’m Greek & awesome) the Earth falls for the Sky and they’re getting married (what a Disney happy ending!). I hear your argument, Sky is the man and has all these stars, and the sun, the moon, yeah it all sounds pretty neat and funky, but the Earth, oh she is more drastically related to humans: Women in general are of higher emotional intelligence – they tend to be tender (always offering cuddling and sweet kisses), but also severe like a spinster teacher when it comes to handling boys’ naughtiness (hehe).

I mean you’ve seen how kids play… Boys just loooove decapitating their toys whereas girls yell at their dolls (for not co-operating hahaha) and then they hug the poor toys and whisper into their little plastic ears, “Oh come on, don’t you cry, hush, hush, my beautiful princess”. Men long for these female attitudes: on one hand, they want to be adored for enhancing their self-esteem, but on the other hand they just need a smack (or a slap) just to be reminded of their two great loves, their mother and their childhood.

I’d love to keep thinking and typing about mothers but I’m exhausted and have tonnes of work – I’m concluding now before I drop dead: all mothers are truly incredible but not as incredible as mine! Hey mum…

Σ’ αγαπάω. (I only love in greek hehe, sorry about that.)

Ps. I love spring, I love that Mother’s Day is celebrated in spring when all flowers are blooming and the air smells good, oh and the daisies, oh… I’m in a good mood tonight hahahaha!!!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-05-11 15:52:35
We all love our "mamma," that's quite natural, what is unnatural is to forget that neglected and villified mother of us all: Mother Nature, otherwise known as Gaia. Let us resolve to show her more respect and not just on mother's day.

Chris2008-05-11 16:53:33
To the mother of my children
And the mother of my life
Today I sit and contemplate
The world we live in
All this dreams that carry us
Carry us on through the darknesss of the night
And I think of all the lullibies
And the will to make things good
And the never ending effort
The world calls motherhood
And I cannot say I understand
The joy, the hope, the fear
A mother lives with always
Like the sky
In it's womb
A world
That must spin on
So I offer you these words
To say thank you
And God Bless
You did not choose your destiny
Yet you meet it
On every corner and turn
Beginningless time was the mother of light
Let that light always burn
And show us all the way
Happy Mother's Day!

Asa2008-05-11 18:27:41
Welcome back Jane, I hope your absence won't be as long next time.

Jane E.2008-05-11 23:09:22

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