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Number 3000
by Asa Butcher
2008-05-11 09:49:54
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It took our Ovi team 281 days to move from 1,000 articles to 2,000, so it is with great glee I announce that we have managed to jump from 2,000 to 3,000 in 264 days. Shall I pause for applause? Nah, we are not here to massage our egos - we hire people to do that for us - so let's have a recap of the nine articles at each progressive 100-mark to give newcomers an insight into what Ovi really has to offer.

* * * * * * * * * *


UK's only cool brand?
By Asa Butcher
14 Sept 2007

What is British and cool? Well, aside from the weather, a YouGov poll chose Aston Martin as the UK's coolest brand, but what else is there? I asked the question, so I wrote an article investigating the cool brands in the UK and the main discovery of the piece was that I am not cool. Some of you probably had guessed that, but the reasons were twofold: the first was I didn't know what some were, while the second problem was the others were out of my price range!

Quote: "My final observation must be that Ovi surely just missed out on the list and is probably hiding at position #21!"

* * * * *


World Food Day: Political Ecology is still needed

By Rene Wadlow
16 Oct 2007

Ovi Magazine has always attempted to promote the United Nations' dedicated days and through our team we have been able to cover far more of them. Rene Wadlow contributed an interesting piece on Rene Dumont for World Food Day. Dumont was one of the pioneers that saw the relationship between agriculture's natural constraints and politics. He denounced the short-sighted policies of African states, but he also had a sociologist's concern for the values and attitudes of rural populations.

Quote: "Dumont was well aware of the world domination of agricultural production and distribution. He called attention to the negative effects of “globalization” well before the term became popular. "

* * * * *


"movin' on"
By Bohdan Yuri
11 Nov 2007

Ovi's collection of poetry has continued to grow, as has the number of poets sharing their soul with us. Whether we understand their words, their visions or their emotions, it is a facet of Ovi that I have always enjoyed having, since it offers a pleasant buffer between the opinionated pieces and the artistic exhibitions. Bohdan Yuri, Jan Sand, Linda Lane, Alexander Mikhaylov and Francine L Trevens are among the regular contributors and Ovi thanks you all.

Quote: "We're crying

For a different cause,

Right or wrong

It's just the same."

* * * * *


Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki #3: Sightseeing in Kallio

By Juliette Roques
1 Jan 2008

There have been over 150 individuals contribute to Ovi since its creation, yet we haven't met many of our globally-based team. Juliette Roques has been one of the few to come to Helsinki and meet Thanos and myself, and it was a delight! She now has a column entitled 'Coffee and Cigarettes in Helsinki' that describes an assortment of people attempting to make sense of their surroundings and in #3 she frequented her first Finnish sex shop with two male friends.

Quote: "Cigarettes, as a History teacher explained, are good for your mind, providing you smoke just two or three before class, firing up your neurons so you can study. The coffee’s just to keep awake."

* * * * *


Vico's Conception of Mytho-Poetic Wisdom

By Emanuel L. Paparella
14 Jan 2008

Following Emanuel L. Paparella's Ovi debut in April 2007 with his examination of EU cultural identity, he has introduced our readers to philosophers, humanists, thinkers and more, such as Emmanuel Lévinas, Giambattista Vico, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Vaclav Havel. He has generated a great deal of activity in the comment section with his essays, analyses and articles for which Ovi has become richer.

Quote: "Myth is primitive man’s answer to questions he cannot answer conceptually but which demand a prompt answer on which may hang the very future of civilization, even the very meaning of life."

* * * * *


Long live the new archbishop!

By Thanos Kalamidas

31 Jan 2008

This is an article in Greek by Mr Kalamidas and is hard for non-Greek speakers to read, but there is the ever-reliable AltaVista Babel Fish Translation tool to translate what the indomitable Thanos has said:

Original: Ο νέος επίσκοπος θα πρέπει να είναι παράδειγμα αξιοπρέπειας και όχι αλαζονείας, πρέπει να ακολουθήσει όχι το παράδειγμα της πορείας του μακαριστού Χριστόδουλου, αυτής της δαιδαλώδους πορείας ανάμεσα σε παραπολιτικές και παραεκκλησιαστικές εκρήξεις, αλλά αυτή των τελευταίων μηνών του που δίδαξε αξιοπρέπεια. Ας είναι λοιπόν ελαφρύ το χώμα που τον σκεπάζει!

Babel Fish Translation: The new bishop should be example of dignity and no arrogance, should it follows no the example of course of makarjstoy' Hrjsto'doyloy, this labyrinthian course between parapoljtjke's and paraekklisjastjke's explosions, but that of his last months that taught dignity. As is therefore light the earth that him covers!


* * * * *


Sharia and justice

By Thanos Kalamidas

23 Feb 2008

When Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams suggested the UK adopt aspects of Sharia law it gave Thanos the opportunity to broach an important subject - and this time it was in English. Thanos asked how Sharia law applies to people when such miscarriages of justice, and human dignity, occur? It was an article that generated a great deal of discussion and I am certain the topic will appear again on Ovi's front page before we reach our 4,000th article.

Quote: "According to the Sharia law women have no right of their own existence. So what justice it is when courts treat people differently according to their faith and believes? Isn’t something like that dangerous? "

* * * * *



By Thanos Kalamidas

18 Mar 2008

Mr. K is a busy man when it comes to Ovi and here he is with an iBite column. Here at Ovi we encourage Thanos to write his iBite column because it is his equivalent to unleashing a dog in the park… he runs around, sniffs everything, burns excess energy and finally marks his territory. In this iBite China, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Richard Gere and Michael Jackson are among the targets of Thanos' special brand of wit.

Quote: "Clashes between protesters and security forces in Tibet's main city of Lhasa have left at least two people dead, according to reports.

Is this the China that hosts the institution of peace and friendship called the Olympic Games?"

* * * * *


La Mediterranee En Partage

By Europe & Us
15 Apr 2008

Europe & Us is one of two partners with whom Ovi magazine has cultivated a working relationship. Newropeans Magazine is the other and together we share articles and help promote the other's presence. The relationship allows Ovi to publish more articles in languages other English, with French and German the most popular. We are always on the lookout to build new relationships, so if you think you would benefit from working with Ovi then contact us at the usual address.

Quote: "Il rappelle surtout la vocation de l’UpM de privilégier la coopération entre les 25 pays du pourtour méditerranéen concernés plutôt que de viser à leur intégration."

* * * * * * * * *

So, that was our round-up of the nine articles that appeared at each progressive 100-mark. I hope you enjoyed refreshing your memory of some of our team's archive work and take the opportunity to advance search our full back catalogue, perhaps you'll see something you missed first time round.

I wonder what will happen between now and number 4,000…

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Emanuel Paparella2008-05-11 11:16:37
Ad majorem which loosely translated (not on Altavista) means may your success as a magazine of opinion, open to the intelligent discussion of any idea, continue, or to say it in a less verbose mode: CONGRATULATIONS!

Asa2008-05-11 12:20:23
If we are knocking off 17 days every 1,000 articles that means number 4,000 will be online in 247 days making it Tuesday, 13 January 2009! We shall see...

Eva2008-05-11 12:48:57
"not here to massage our egos" - haha, you are fooling no one ;-)
But, seriously, that's impressive - well done lads!
I will keep reading them...

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