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Iran strikes again
by Thanos Kalamidas
Issue 8
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It appears there is no limit in stupidity. The mullahs of Teheran and their civilian servant, who calls himself President, came to prove all of us wrong. In a very serious announcement last month, they said to the rest of the world that they are ready to share with the other brother Muslim countries their knowledge in nuclear power.

They dressed their announcement with all the right intros like, ‘we are in no way producing nuclear weapons’ and ‘we are going to totally cooperate with the International Agency for Nuclear Power’ and, finally and more laughable, ‘the Islamic Democracy of Iran has no intention to build any kind of WOD!’

Europe seems to have given up after months of negotiation trying stop Iran in building its new nuclear plan. What the mullahs and their civilian servant are missing is that what Europe does is mainly try to find a way to postpone the date the United States will invade the country and bomb all kind of places.

Europe and the United States, after long negotiations without any real result, are thinking to put an ultimatum, expecting Iran to obey in a few weeks time, with the example of Iraq as motivation. The mullahs are aware of all those because Europe has passed the messages through every diplomatic channel, still they seem to be deaf.

The truth is the danger of a terrorist group holding either one of these nuclear devices or some kind of chemical or biological weapon is realistic. It took only the suspicion and the stupidity of another Arab dictator as an excuse of an invasion in Iraq, why then are the mullahs pushing their luck? Is it due to luck that they are not under the American bombs already? Unfortunately, their luck lasts as long as it lasted the misfortunate people of Iraq.

What does Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad mean by saying that Iran is ready to share their nuclear knowledge with any other Muslim country? I don’t believe that currently that would include countries like Saudi Arabia or Kuwait? Who will be the beneficiaries? Syria, Sudan, Kazakhstan or perhaps Chechnya?

Do they expect any country to feel safe after this announcement? Or do they expect the rest of us to rely on their good intentions, since they are a group of holy men? Are they so sure of their power or are they so stupid?

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