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A psycho killer called Mugabe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-04-28 09:44:50
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Reading the news I was wondering how many graves the people of Zimbabwe will find after Mugabe’s regime ends. I was wondering how many mothers cry this very minute for their missing sons and daughters and how many kids grieve for their parents. Mugabe has declared war against humanity and nobody seems to be trying to stop him, everybody stands still watching while the most racist leader in the history of Africa murders Zimbabwe’s people one after the other.

I called Mugabe racist, I'm very aware of the word, and the man is the worst kind of racist if you could ever define that because he doesn’t stop at color he’s going much further - he’s racist with ideas and beliefs. He’s not opposing ideas and beliefs because if he was his opposition would have the possibility to survive, in his case it is my way or the graveyard. Over ten people were reported dead after the elections in Zimbabwe and it is not anymore about freedom of speech or human rights, the case has gone now far-far away. Mugabe is murdering without any hesitation. Sorry, not only Mugabe but the rest of the gang that surrounds him because it is not all going to be blamed on him and let the rest avoid responsibility.

At this very moment in Harare there are troubles and there is nobody that can use the excuse ‘we followed orders’. They know who Mugabe is, they saw it in action and now they have proof, even the ones who doubted that the man is not willing to leave the presidential palace under any cost; only in this case the cost is human lives, Zimbabweans lives. The policemen who raided the offices of the opposition party hitting, torturing and arresting activists have family members who are part of this opposition, who also have families, friends and neighbors who suffer under this regime, they are not blind they can see and they can act first of all by refusing to follow the orders of a psycho killer and his accomplices. In the last year everybody who acts under the orders of Mugabe is an accomplice and they will have to deal with this reality when the time comes and the time will come and they will have in front of them not only the Zimbabwe people but all of humanity.

But what is humanity doing now for the Zimbabwe people? An official in the USA called Mugabe to give up and resign but this is not enough, George W. Bush, if he wants people to believe his preaching on democracy, stood up himself and warned Mugabe that if he will not step down he will have the destiny of Saddam. Ki-moon may not have realized yet how big is his responsibility but he is the General Secretary of the United Nation, the institution that is responsible for global peace and the well-being of human life, he has all the globe behind him to act and he should have done it the same day of the elections when it was obvious that Mugabe was not going to step down.

Coming to Barroso and Solana, I’m sorry to say but I have lost every faith in these people who supposedly are there representing me. They practically embarrassed me by inviting Mugabe a few months ago to an EU-Africa summit to talk about future relations between the two continents. They had absolutely no right to do that, invite a murderer into the continent that gave birth to democracy and has the longer history in fighting dictators and murderers like Mugabe.

South African Mr. Mbeki should leave immediately the hypocrisy of trying to keep peace in the area and call Mugabe to step away, if he wants to be nice then he can invite him to live in South Africa, but I would not advise him since a lot of Zimbabweans live in exile there. Angola’s, Namibia’s, Tanzania’s, DR Congo’s regimes, Mugabe’s neighbors are the next to follow after Mugabe’s end so they are not going to do anything, one way or another, but they can give him a friendly home when he escapes. Botswana, Mozambique and especially Zambia are the only ones in the neighborhood asking for an end and Mugabe behind bars. Actually Zambia was very loud to stop the Chinese ship with the weapons for Mugabe’s gangs. Something must happen soon before this racist caricature of Hitler continues killing Zimbabwe people.

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Dimitra Karantzeni2008-04-29 14:03:53
That is for sure a real problem.. A matter of humanity, as human beings have reached the point of killing wittingly one another,while at the same time, there is noone to stop them, cause obviously, nobody really cares.. Although, national authorities, EU, NATO, etc. probably don't consider it urgent, as they are always so busy, spending large amounts of money and using the power of knowledge just to reinforce their armies and make their national economy a more competitive one..
I really hope something happens before it is too late for all of us..

romacio2011-08-30 18:00:20
oi gata se bonita lida mai n voce

kiko ghjtru6323r2011-08-30 18:01:14

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