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Nunes Gallery: Graphics Exhibition
by Alexandra Pereira
2008-04-21 09:15:16
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Gallery Nunes – Helsinki is proud to inform you that it is opening this Tuesday April 22nd 2008 with a Graphics Exhibition by Antti Jokinen, Pekka Litmanen and Taina de Carvalho.

Taina de Carvalho's Antti Jokinen (born 1974, Haapamäki, Finland) is a pictorial artist graduated from South Karelia University of Applied Sciences. His works of art have been displayed in Finland, Spain, Russia and Germany. He works at the moment in Berlin.

Pekka Litmanen presents “Oblivion and Mechanism” – a quest for finding memory images from the oblivion. Forgotten moments that have a long time since lost the clarity of memory and that have left but a pale assumption-like characterization of what had happened.

Oblivion is for Pekka Litmanen a dream-like, the space of metaphysical subconscious, where up is down, logic dims and memory is lurking in every shadow. Whichever event, it may lose its shape in oblivion or drown in there completely. Welcome to the oblivion.

Mechanism is a series of prints of mandalas. The monotonous rhythm of the machines replaces chanting a mantra and the man has moved from beating his drums at the bonfire to pressing a button behind heavy factory doors. The technique used in these works is polymer gravure.

Taina de Carvalho tells that, when younger, she met a boy who was born almost blind. Nobody knew it during his first ten years. When they finally realized it and did something about, he had already built himself a vision of life based on what he had always seen. She wonders what kind of life he would have had, what kind of person he would have been and, more importantly, how would he have affected the world if others had been kept ignorant of his very own vision of life.

Since then, Taina has been mainly working with the general theme of illusions. The inspiration for the pictures comes most of the time through the silence and energy of the lithography stones. She has been trying through her works to find something that we don’t see or know maybe because of our busy mind. With Portuguese and finnish ancestors, Taina works at the moment in Paris.

You are welcome to the Opening on Tuesday April 22nd, 17h-19h

Galleria Nunes
(Nunes Gallery is located in Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 17 A-a, 00100 Helsinki, on the other side of the street from Latsipalatsi, next door to AVA Design)

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Emanuel Paparella2008-04-21 14:44:53
Intriguing inquiry: how does Andrea Bocelli see the world? Which bring one back to the contemplation of Rembrandt's "Aristotle conemplating the bust of Homer." As far as we know, Aristotle never considered the issue and Plato did not much like poets to be in charge in the polis. Food for thought.

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