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by Jan Sand
2008-04-16 09:10:06
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There is a persistent tendency

In humanity

To claim, out of the quality

Of the efforts individual,

Some portion of that fame

Or infamy

For the entire associated group.

As if this character

Were a garlic to flavor

The entire human soup.

Thus Dr. King or Nelson Mandela,

Either one a worthy fella,

Gives any individual, black,

A remedy to cover any lack.

Being Jewish

Donates no clueish


To mitigate stupidity,

To have commonality, be one

With the personality

Of Einstein or Mendelssohn.

Humanity is stuffed

With geniuses and thugs

Sufficient to make your hair curl

And of reputation to tempt

My claim to be exempt

From my species.

I would rather be a squirrel.

Therefore, though I spew verse,

To evoke, sometimes, laughter, frequently, a curse,

I claim no relationship

To Shakespeare, or, more rash,

Ogden Nash.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-04-16 11:56:50
"The worst fate of a poet is to be admired without being understood." - Jean Cocteau (Add a comment)

Comment: the reverse is also true for a narcisist who likes only his face reflected in the pond.

Chris2008-04-16 20:24:08
Well said, well said,
My rodent friend
Back in the Jurassic
There was no plastic identity plan
There was no man
The Moles moved in on the ground dwelling kind
The Pterodactils kept to mountains and skies
Becoming the dragons
Ain't it nice
Chipmucks singing Dragon songs
All along the expance
Of Mountain caves
And holes in space
And poets --
You got the words
You know it.

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