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1971 European Cup Final: AFC Ajax vs. Panathinaikos FC
by The Ovi Team
2008-04-13 08:27:41
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The 1971 European Cup Final was a football match held at Wembley Stadium, London, on June 2, 1971, that saw AFC Ajax of the Netherlands defeat Panathinaikos FC of Greece 2 - 0. An incredible comeback in the second leg of their semi-final against FK Red Star meant Panathinaikos were the first (and only) Greek side to reach a European Cup Final.

However, Ajax were too strong, winning with an early Dick van Dijk strike, and a late goal from substitute Arie Haan. This was the first of an amazing run of three European Cup victories in a row for Ajax. (www.wikipedia.com).



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Ζορμπάς2008-04-13 09:59:10
Συγκίνηση Θάνο, τι να λέμε τώρα...

Thanos2008-04-13 11:11:33
Διάβασε την ιστορία που έβαλα μέσα στο forum GWF!

Emanuel Paparella2008-04-13 12:51:05
In his essay “The World Cup and Its Pomps,” Umberto Eco has written that, to him, football long has been “linked with the absence of purpose and the vanity of all things: …the football supporter is a voyeur—non-participant—compensating for the ennui of routine by focusing on a game that, like Groundhog Day, is structured to repeat on successive weekends, for seasons on end.” Indeed, Berlusconi is about to make a come back in Italian politics, that too is a groundhog day. Then there is the Nobel Literature winner and poet Eugenio Montale who once quipped that in Italy there cannot be revolutions that last more than six days since on the seventh day, on Sunday, soccer games need to be attended liturgically and faithfully. Indeed, if an extraterrestrial, having lost his compass, were to land any place on the European continent he would know it is Sunday by the empty churches and the soccer games being played in every city and town. Some have suggested that soccer is the real religion and cultural cement uniting disparate nations and cultures in Europe and that it would be better to settle all political disputes and even wars, hot and cold, by a soccer game. That becomes plausible in Italy where the government had to intervene for a few days (but not more than six) to stop hooliganism at soccer games turned into battle fields. Actually the idea has merit, despite Eco’s disagreement and it could be inaugurated by changing EU to ESU (European Soccer Union) and then staging a game USA vs. ESU. Trouble is the Americans would come ready to play football which would ruin the NATO alliance. Oh well, we live in interesting times.

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