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Be the Change - Youth for a Future without War
by Leila Dregger
2008-04-11 08:30:41
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In the Peace Research Center Tamera/Portugal, the Summer University will take place from July 21st to the 30th with the title: "Be the Change - Youth for a Future without War".

It is being organized by the young people and all ages are welcome. Well-known and engaged peace powers and specialists from many countries will be there, in order to bring the different aspects of a concrete Peace vision together into life.

Sabine Lichtenfels, Dieter Duhm, Patch Adams, Sami Awad, Don Jose Carmen, Jürgen Kleinwächter, Manitonquat and many others are amongst the expected guests.

The Summer University offers participants the opportunity to become familiar with a developing model for a World Peace Village. A few days after the Summer University, Reboot-Festival, a big international meeting about ecological sustainability, will take place in Portugal. It is about rebooting the whole system of the planet Earth. As you see: it is worth travelling to Portugal on the next Summer!

Invitation to the Summer University 2008
"Be the Change – Youth for a Future without War"

To young peace activists, media specialists, inventors, artists and lovers of life! To all those who are realistic and try the impossible!

Imagine the world would be close to apocalypse, that we would be standing in front of the collapse of the global supply system...

And imagine that there would be ten days in the universe to provide meaningful answers for a future without war. There would be ten days, an appropriate place as well as specialists and activists with experience in all decisive key areas.
What would we do?

Would we still hesitate? Wouldn't we be ready to be the change we wish to see in the world?

Actually, the world is close to apocalypse! We have these days, we have this place and we have a team of young, determined realists from the future workshop Tamera. We want to bring the vast experience of peace workers and specialists together with our power of awakening and the absolute Yes! for life.

That's what it is about:
• Concrete education perspectives for peace knowledge in the social-human, ecological and technological area;
• Preparation and networking for a world model for a future without war;
• Political theory of realization: Why can 50 people change the world?;
• Perspectives for a lasting fulfilment in love.

What is your role in the masterpiece of the future?
In which field are you the specialist for a change?
In which field do you want to educate yourself?

The Summer University is a common think-tank for a different world.
The following experts and visionaries, amongst others, will participate and contribute their knowledge in the mentioned areas:
• Juergen Kleinwaechter (Sunvention Loerrach/Germany): Future visions and experiences of a decentralized solar technology and the principle of abundance;
• Dieter Duhm (Tamera/Portugal): A global peace plan, or why the earth can be healed;
• Sabine Lichtenfels (Tamera/Portugal): GRACE and Global Campus: Gathering knowledge for Peace;
• Sami Awad (Bethlehem/Palestine): Non-violent Resistance and building a Violent-free Model of Life in the Middle East;
• Don Jose Carmen (Mexico): Cosmic agriculture, or Communicating with Plants;
• Benjamin von Mendelssohn: International networking for building Concrete Future Models;
• Vera Kleinhammes (Tamera/Portugal): A new picture of Motherhood and Partnership;
• Mara Vollmer (Tamera/Portugal): Professions in service of Peace;
• Gloria Cuartas and people from the Peace Community San Jose de Apartado (Colombia): The survival power of a Peace community;
• Hunter Patch Adams (USA): (to be confirmed).

Also: Manitonquat, eldest of the Wampanoag-Indians, representatives of Next GEN – youth of the Global Ecovillage Network, as well as representatives from Auroville, future-town in India.

There will be the following working groups:
• Sensible political actions ;
• Solar Village and sustainable technologies ;
• Media, IT and political networking;
• Raising children in a new culture.

We are looking forward to researching a future without war together with you!

The youth group,
Powered by the future gang

14th International Summer University
Information: http://summeruniversity.tamera.org
Contact: SU2008@tamera.org
Phone: 00351-283635306

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