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Petra Kaminen Mosher's Helsinki Exhibition
by Alexandra Pereira
2008-04-08 09:29:20
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Nunes Gallery is in the process of changing hands, as long-term owner Paula Nunes will retire soon and leave her place to the 31-year-old Portuguese gallerist Joana Ribas, who had already been working in Nunes Galleria, as a close collaborator of Paula for the last four years.

A new generation of artists-gallerists will thus come on to Helsinki’s art life scene, with refreshing new ideas, expectations and provocative new questions to pose. In Nunes’ case, a close collaboration with southern-European artists and institutions – Portuguese ones in particular – will also continue to be sought.

Petra Kaminen Mosher was born and raised in New York City and graduated from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, 2002). Her mother, Marjukka Kaminen, is a visual artist, as well as a book publisher.

Petra worked for a few years on the East Coast of the US, and relocated to Finland in the Fall of 2004. She then moved from Southern Finland to the Oulu area in the spring of 2006.

Petra Kaminen Mosher participated in several shows in both Finland and the USA. In 2006 she collaborated with fellow artist Agnieszka Robak-Haikonen to complete a large site-specific wall painting in Lahti. Titled “Symbioosi”, it consisted of four acrylic paintings (2m x 2,5m each) that now hang in the atrium of the Salpaus Further Education Center.

In 2007 she had several exhibitions around Finland: solo exhibitions in Seinäjoki’s VarikkoGallery; Porvoo’s Gallery Konsta; Pori’s Portait’s Gallery; Joensuu’s Art Centre Ahjo; Rovaniemi’s Lappi Artists’ Association Gallery Napa; and Turku Cultural Center’s Brinkkalan Gallery. Petra also participated in a group summer show at the Jansson Gallery in Piehinki (Raahe).

The art works of Petra Kaminen Mosher center on the abstraction of natural forms: landscape, flora and fauna within it, and the human figure. These themes form the basis for her color-based abstract works. She tries to break down the images into elemental colors, shapes and values and reconstruct them with new color and value relationships and abstract organic shapes. Each painting’s colors direct the space, depth, shape and composition; from this reconstruction a new aspect of the subject is born.

In this exhibition at Nunes Gallery – Helsinki, one can see, until April 20th, abstract landscapes and portraits, the primary medium is acrylic and oil paint on large-sized canvas, but there are watercolors to appreciate as well, besides a self-portrait of Petra with her young cat, next of a portrait of Petra’s husband (a veterinary) with the same cat, entitled “Motherhood” and “Fatherhood” respectively, and which can be seen as an artistic and humoristic self-biography or presentation.

The large canvas focuses on abstract landscape themes and the theme “Geisha”, which came up at a time when Petra was trying to make and sew a Kimono herself. In paintings like “Eufrosyne”, “Lur”, Minette” and “Siblings”, the Japanese influence expressed through the “Geisha” theme is notorious, and as in “Lur” the geisha becomes almost like a wooden doll comparable to the one in Pinocchio’s tale, in “Eufrosyne” the doll is illuminated by a strong yellow light coming from the upper left side of the canvas, like a stage spotlight.

In “Siblings”, the colours of the pink kimono and the grey hair are transported to the landscape, and the faces of the ladies fuse with the leaves. Two horizontal stripes on the left side, defining the length of an arm, bestow a sense of solidity to the painting and closeness to the figures in the portrait. Very interesting also is the balance between the hair of one sibling and the shoes of the other, a kind of “asymmetric symmetry” (symmetry in colours, but not in shapes).

Finally, an “Unnamed” painting, square shaped and with vibrant colours, catches your eye just as soon as you enter the second room of the exhibition. It’s a warm abstract landscape, with strong oranges, which drives you directly through the early spring mood into an atmosphere of summer celebration.

Galleria Nunes
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 17 A-a
00100 Helsinki

The gallery is located just on the other side of the street from Latsipalatsi, next door to AVA Design, and is presenting a painting exhibition by the young artist Petra Kaminen Mosher (b. 1978) from April 2nd to April 20th.

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AP2008-04-08 18:42:11
This artist is exhibiting for the first time in Helsinki. Notice the bean-shaped forms she uses, with very perfect borders, and the transparencies.

Artist Maija2008-04-08 20:24:32
I like very much:)fresh and new!!!compliments!

AP2008-04-09 13:49:09
visit also:

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