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Where is the end, Mugabe?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-04-07 08:52:15
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The day the people of Zimbabwe were voting I wrote an article asking the people of Zimbabwe to be calm and that Mugabe will do anything and everything not to lose but he will know that he lost in the hearts and brains of the Zimbabwe people.

One week after, with Mugabe demanding a recount of the votes, the police forces are doing everything to stop the opposition’s lawyers reaching the high court and we are now all waiting for the next phase because that’s what it is - a case of the next phase. Mugabe has established a regime and he had plenty of time to do so. People totally loyal to him are the establishment, they hold the key points and they control the army and the police and, after twenty years, it is too late for them to change loyalties. They are accomplices in the crimes Mugabe has committed and it is too late for them to say that they were following orders. The ones who could have done it long time now.

Mugabe knows well that nothing will change if they recount the votes but he had to do it preparing his next move. What is his next move? Well there is too little he can do, he can either follow the example of the notorious Idi Amin by fleeing to a friendly – at least for him - country that will not return him to Zimbabwe or move to the next face which means apparent dictatorship away from any democratic disguise. The only way he will flee abroad it will be if the neighbor countries will interfere actively which is not likely, especially for South Africa.

Mugabe and his gang, unbelievable as it might sound, have believed their own stories and lies. Their crimes are so big and powerful that they had to create equally strong excuses. Enemies from everywhere, the UK constantly conspiring to take over Zimbabwe, spies and killers everywhere was the only solution for this psychopath gang. And they made their myths and based them so carefully that in the end they believed them and this minute they have been hooked from their own lies. So Mugabe will recount the votes and he will find more than half of them invalid, the excuses most likely are already ion hand, after all they do what they do for the good of the nation.

Mugabe was prepared for this day; he was preparing it for decades. He has build up a pyramid of lies and provocations and he has created an army around him. I don’t think he’s going to give up easily, I don’t think he’s going to give up at all. Crazy as it might sounds he is the only one who can give a peaceful solution but he will not do it. He’s the only one who can say to his comrades in crime that this is the end let’s go quietly; he’s the only one who can order them to do so, but he is not going to do it. What’s his next step? To push it a bit more.

The opposition has a role to play as well and as much Mugabe’s role is fixed, their role is fixed as well. The only think they can do is doubt Mugabe’s moves, demand from him to withdraw from the president palace in Harare and give up power. They cannot rebel, they cannot revolute, they have to follow the law otherwise they will look no different from Mugabe, they had to send the lawyers and they have to do it again day after day, they have to ask help from the UN and the African Union and they have to bare the cross they carry.

Now everything has come to the monster himself, Mugabe. The next few days are going to be very crucial for the future of Zimbabwe, for the next twenty years of this poor nation but one thing is sure, Mugabe’s regime has finished. Not because he lost in the votes, he will most likely manipulate the result but because he definitely lost even the last access he had on the hearts and the minds of the people of Zimbabwe.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-04-07 11:58:52
The end for Mugabe and all of us will be death, even if extended to 150. As Socrates aptly put it via Plato: "Gentlemen, the issue is not my death, for we all die, but villany which runs faster than death and once it has caught up with you is leary to let go from its grip." Thanks to Socrates we know today the names of those villains who sullied Athenian democracy. But less we get to smug, those words are a warning to all of us mortals and not only obvious villains.

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