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"By Example"
by Francine L Trevens
2008-04-12 09:25:37
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Heedless humans hunt poor birds and beasts

Deforest land, pollute rivers, streams

Infect the air they breathe. It seems

Nothing’s left pristine in the least.

And as numbers of people increased

So has ferocity of weapons grown

Folks don’t leave each other alone,

Lunging from war to war sans cease.


Entertainment in film and game

Simply put, more of the same

And we wonder why children kill

When someone stymies their whim or will

Who inspires love or upward reach?

Annihilation by example we teach.

Appears in A PATIO OF POEMS, published by TnT Classic Books, 2006

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Chris2008-04-13 03:32:56
We teach what we are
To those who will hear
If we teach annihilation
Let us teach the annihilation
Of ignorance
To name a sadness
Call it a sorrow
Is good for the dictionary
To heal what is beyond words
To end the sorrow
To end the blaming

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