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Cry Rohingyas!!! Cry!!!!
by Rohingya Human Rights
2008-04-08 09:28:26
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Thailand's Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej said after emerging from a two-hour meeting of the National Security Council on March 28.2008 that the Thai Navy is exploring a deserted island to place the Rohingya refugees living in Thailand. He expressed his intention to show the Rohingyas "life here (Thailand) will be difficult". He could not show any single point of wrongs or crime that the Rohingyas have ever done in Thailand for which he has decided to banish the entire Rohingya ethnic community in Thailand to a deserted island.

Snatching away the right of Rohingyas to citizenship of Burma and conducting genocidal operations from time to time, Burma's military rulers have turned the Rohingyas into a stateless sub-human community denying our right to live in peace in our motherland Arakan of Burma where we have been living centuries after centuries and where our forefathers ruled the land for many centuries together with our sister communities of Arakan in peace and perfect amity. Today, being uprooted from our own motherland, over 1.5 million Rohingyas are roaming in different countries of the world as status less gypsy human beings.

Today, the Thai Prime Minister wants to fulfil the unmet wish of Burma's ruling generals to kill those hapless Rohingyas who escaped from their paws, through deporting them to the solitary island where either the Thai forces or the Burmese army will be able to massacre the Rohingyas beyond the notice of the international community.

The Thai Prime Minister said,” We want electricity. Burma has allowed us to build a dam. We want to sell goods there. Burma will build a port. Is that not good for Thailand?” So, in order to build up a celestial empire, the Thai Prime Minister wants to offer the innocent Rohingyas as the requiem in the altar of tyranny of Burma's military rulers by sending them to the island of Death where if the Thai forces can place the Rohingyas today, then tomorrow the Burmese forces will land in that island and thus massacre the entire Rohingya men, women and children.

Scolding the Western nations for picking on Burma's military regime, the Thai Prime Minister said that Westerners are overly critical of Burma and he has new found respect for the ruling junta after learning that they meditate like good Buddhists should, conniving the series of atrocities that the military regime has committed even against the revered monks who are the dharma sons of Buddha.

On March 25.2008, the Thai army raided Burmese opposition groups in Mae Sot, Thailand. They raided the homes of three Karen National Union leaders and the office of one Burmese student group. Many exiled groups and community organizations in Mae Sot began closing their offices for security reasons.

The statement of the Thai Prime Minister sent a wave of shock and grief among the whole Rohingya community. Due to decades long political oppression, economic exploitation, social degradation and cultural slavery, the Burmese military rulers have turned the Rohingyas into a powerless, defenceless and voiceless crippled community. Today we feel so helpless that we do not know how to reach our voice of helplessness and hopelessness to the international community to stir their conscience.

Rohingyas have been crying in corners and dying in silence decades after decades. Now, if the international community will not come forward to save the Rohingyas from deportation to the island of death by the Thai Prime Minister, it will just add another notch of genocide on the scale of man-made tragedies of Rohingyas.

However, we the 1.5 million Rohingyas in exile will not become the silent spectator of the episode of genocide of our Rohingya brothers, our sisters and our children in Thailand. We will cry through all democratic means to protest the inhuman decision of the Thai Prime Minister. And if necessary, to draw the international attention, we the 1.5 million Rohingya men, women and children in exile will resort to hunger strike until death at the premises of the UN missions and offices of other World Bodies to save our Rohingya brothers, our sisters and our children in Thailand.

At the same time, we fervently appeal to international humanitarian community, the World Bodies, human rights groups and the news media to come forward to save the Rohingya refugee community in Thailand. We also appeal to the people of Thailand, its human rights groups as well as its journalist society to understand our plight and come forward to prevail upon their Prime Minister to withdraw his decision.

With thanks and best regards.

Ahmedur Rahman Farooq
Rohingya Human Rights Council(RHRC)
Address: 2975 Vang i Valdres
Contact: +4797413036
Email: rohingyas.rhrc@yahoo.com, rohingyas.rhrc@gmail.com

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