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Testosterone in the air
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-04-05 09:41:27
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It seems that the Finnish government has turned lately really …erotic, if not exotic, and that definitely makes a few faces smile knowing that there’s something different than the usual politics of Finnish life. You could say that Finnish people are pretty reserved to things that reach the public, they are just watching at the side waiting for what’s coming next and they have adopted this attitude to nearly everything. But nearly two hundred text messages in the land of the mobile phones seem to touch everybody’s curiosity.

I think that was the first thing that made me smile, in the land of Nokia what else would you expect than everybody flirting using a mobile phone and text messaging. The second thing that nearly brought tears to my eyes was the target of the flirting. Knowing how reserved some Finnish men are it really made me laugh that the target of the foreign minister was an exotic dancer! When it is to do something naughty…. man, do it all the way; get to the edge of it! The surprise is that he didn’t suspect that she was going to sell these messages and make everything public. After all, it is just months since another love affair came to the public’s attention because of a book and that time it involved the Prime Minister himself.

Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen divorced two or three years ago under pretty foggy circumstances and months after he took over his prime ministerial seat, shocking nearly everybody since he had been promoting loudly the importance of family life. He’s gone through the text messaging period – I said this is Finland, only Nokia connects people – a fast chatting period and then came a quiet period with him rarely appearing unaccompanied by a good looking lady. That was till the end of that last year when the good looking lady decided to show us, with a little help from the tabloids, her …underwear with her inside them!

Fine, everybody thought, he doesn’t drink, which is kind of taboo in Finland; he doesn’t smoke, which is fine since he looks after his health, but at least he’s active and …well he doesn’t have such bad taste! I hope the feminists reading this comment will forgive me but there is too much testosterone in the air in Helsinki at the moment! Then the good-looking lady got dressed and decided to undress the prime minister by writing a book publishing a lot of private moments. Sorry to say I never read the book since it was written and published only in Finnish but it made it to the Finnish bestseller list and I heard all the spicy details from nearly everybody around me who had either read it or read part of it in the tabloids.

The prime minister tried to stop it in a court room but once more …freedom of speech prevailed. We all learned that the prime minister is active but sometimes boring, with the Prime Minister Seat often bringing headaches and the book followed the shooting star destiny that these sorts of books follow and disappeared after a month. Testosterone fell to normal levels in the air of Helsinki and everything was fine till Foreign Minister Ilkka Kanerva decided to prove that in this coalition government it is not just the center party partner who has it but the conservatives can be active as well. Yet again here we are with two hundred text messages – as I said it before, Nokia connects people!

Now the exotic dancer most likely thought, “Let’s not wait to write a book, after all two hundred text messages make a small, easy-to-read book, so let’s publish them and hope we can make some side money out of it!” She did and the testosterone filled the Finnish air once more! It’s like this song, “There is something in the air tonight!” There are some rumors for retirement and the minister is on sick holidays at the moment… something understandable since love hurts, but we are waiting to see who’s next and how far it will go next time!

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