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How bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-04-16 09:09:58
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Dancing the moondance

Michael Jackson sees his career ending and his name vanishing from all the must-invite lists but his music is still popular to all kinds of life as a sea lion proves.

Click here to watch the YouTube video


ovi_bizaar_fugimori_400Falling asleep in the court of crimes against humanity

The former president of Peru Alberto Fujimori fell asleep during the court against him for crimes against humanity. Naturally the judge stopped the court for as long Mr. Fujimori needed it to wake up and they continued when they made sure that he was awake and able to watch the proceedings.

There are no witnesses to tell if he was loud, while sleeping but drooling is a possibility!


Boomerangs return in zero gravity

ovi_bizaar_bumeragJapanese astronaut Takao Doi, on board the International Space Station, has proved that a boomerang returns to the person throwing it even in the zero-gravity conditions of space.

The boomerang experiment showed that when one is thrown in zero gravity, it follows almost the same trajectory as it would if thrown on Earth. If thrown with sufficient force, the boomerang will return to the person who threw it, again matching results on Earth. According to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Doi held and threw a boomerang using the standard technique during the experiment, which he conducted during free time Tuesday in the U.S. Destiny laboratory on the ISS.

The experiment was suggested by Yasuhiro Togai, of Osaka Prefecture, who won an international boomerang-throwing competition in 2006. The results differed to predictions made by Togai, who expected a boomerang thrown in zero gravity to fly in a spiral path, rising above the head of the person who threw it. Togai said, "I greatly appreciate it because it has answered my long-held question."

Let’s see what else we are going to throw in space! At least this time it was not garbage!


ovi_bizaar_brothel_400Closed cause of lack of customers

One of the oldest …hotels in Hamburg the hotel Luxor is closing down due to lack of customers! The owner of the brothel, Ms Merret, aged 59, said that this is the end of her ones popular place, she was too tired to continue and business is really going back. She added that her place used to occupy ten to twelve girls while nowadays there is hardly work for four!

The business started in the beginning to 1948 from her late father-in-law and it has always been the …family business. She ended saying that her business was special popular between British and Japanese but that was mainly in ‘60s and early ‘70s when the Hamburg port was the European commercial center.

I was thinking for no comment but it is …hard work to keep a brothel!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-04-16 12:10:33
What if the Universe were a boomerang on its return trip to its thrower? An image worthy of the imagination of a William Blake or a Michelangelo?

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