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Think free, people of Zimbabwe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-03-29 08:32:58
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Zimbabwe has started voting early this morning and, according to the news, all the security forces and army are alarmed. Tanks are patrolling the streets of Harare and armed soldiers are deployed in all the cities around the country. Having a dictator, like Robert Mugabe, ruling the country and the tanks on the streets leaves democracy very little chance but it shows how scared the African caricature of Hitler is.

He’s scared, he’s terrified! If he wasn’t he didn’t need tanks and armed men to make sure that people will vote for him; because this is the one and only reality in this elections for Zimbabwe, people with a gun to their forehead are going to vote for Adolf Mugabe!

There are people from Zimbabwe who read the Ovi magazine, there are people in Zimbabwe who read the Ovi magazine; we know, we can see it in the statistics and the visits in the server. I have only one thing to say to them, Mugabe is terrified of you! Think of it, you are going unarmed without any shield to cast your vote while he has all the tanks and all the lethal weapons on the streets, why? Because he’s scared of what you have in your mind and in your hearts and that’s something no tanks and no weapons can control. Yes, he controls the result. It doesn’t matter what you are going to vote, even if you prove that 100% voted the opposition, Mugabe and his lackeys will turn it to their victory.

Talking about lackeys, except the people of Zimbabwe and the people in Zimbabwe who read the Ovi magazine we have Mugabe’s lackey who read my articles also and these parasites try to …answer or comment what I write. I don’t have the time and the resources to find anything written that includes my name, most of all I don’t have the knowledge and of course when the writer doesn’t mention the source and uses selectively parts of my article makes it nearly impossible for me to find out and answer.

Anyway this parasite in prescriptive mission from the information ministry of Zimbabwe wrote a long article – answer and after using selectively a few sentences from my article “Zimbabweans' Stockholm Syndrome” he spent over 2,000 words praising Mugabe, the “African liberator”, the “historic figure of Africa” and other similar vomitive names and in the end he came with his best argument against me. He said that I say all these things because I am a …white European!

During my life I had my share of racist comments and being a Greek living in Finland I have a few added to my collection over the last few years with the top one when somebody said that I don’t have olive color skin for Greek; but this comment was one of the worst I ever heard. So that’s Mugabe’s defense, anybody who calls him a dictator is ….racist and then the writer wonders why I’m considering his master worse than Uganda’s Amin! Amin was a liberator as well, Amin was a visionary as well, Amin was a historic figure as well, Hitler is a historical figure also!

These people are afraid, are so afraid. A parasite from the ministry of information had to answer an article written in Finland by a Greek that shows how terrified they are. So people of Zimbabwe when you vote remember that the outcome doesn’t matter, Mugabe’s end is close. He will change your vote, he will do anything to scare you physically, that’s why this moment there are tanks on the streets of Harare, that’s why his lackeys armed petrol every city, every village of Zimbabwe but he cannot touch your hearts and brains and this what is going to beat him, that’s what is going to bring him down, your hearts and your minds!

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AP2008-03-29 12:58:31
Colonialism seems to be the excuse for every present and past Mugabean atrocity. In such a way, that one would almost be lead to believe (if not in one's perfect mental health) that all the tortures, murders, detentions, political and social violence, the smashing of human rights, the assassination of opposers, the crushing of the freedom of speech and sexual orientation, and the pulverization of the right to vote have been perpetrated by hologram colonialist ghosts... maybe born from this african Hitler's brains.
Mugabe is racist and coward, something one can't ever affirm about any european or world citizen who defends the human and civic rights and freedom of Zimbabwean people.

AP2008-03-29 13:18:38
Above all, Mugabe is a racist towards his own people, either black skin, white skin, yellow skin or purple skin Zimbabweans, uses colonialism ghosts as a way to divide them, overt terror and extreme misery as a tool to grasp power together with his proteges, gather dirty money and go ahead with corrupt bloody schemes. Salve Queen Elizabeth II for having bestowed him the title of honorary Knight Commander! ...And thank the Mighty Lord you're a Queen, because if you were to hold a President or other kind of plebeian title that would be more than a great shameful hypocritical reason to kick Your Highness out of the office and demand for her apologies every time the honorary Knight of Bath orders a cruel murder in his country and signs it with KCB!!

AP2008-03-29 13:29:00
This is the kind of dictator we need to see in international courts of justice. It seems to me as well, because of the reasons above, that UK's citizens should be particularly active in demanding some kind of justification/change?? Or am I wrong??!!

AP2008-03-29 13:38:46
All dictators are afraid of free-minded people, I hope Zimbabwean people remind this today.

AP2008-03-29 13:54:51
Then again one has to pose this ultimate question: where is the UN*??!!
*"international organization founded in 1945 to promote peace security and international cooperation and promote humanitarianism"

Emanuel Paparella2008-03-29 14:42:43
Well written Thanos. Indeed, the nightmare of all dictators and bullying authoritarian personalities is that the pen, which proclaims truth to power, might really turn out to be more powerful than an army (Stalin used to ask “how many divisions does the Church have?”) and that one cannot fool all the people all the times. Mugabee who has the dubious distinction of being third on the list of worst human rights abusers (after North Korea and Burma) may be about to find out that such a feat is impossible and that people’s human rights do not derive from any powerful institution, not excluding the UN; they are inalienable because dependent not on political realities but on spiritual realities.

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