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Musharraf's song
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-03-27 09:46:29
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So, Pakistan has a new Prime Minister elected in Musharraf’s democratic way and acceptance which means Musharraf decides the song that the new P.M. dances to; what remains is to find out what’s the dance, since we all know Musharraf’s song. The new Prime Minister’s name Yusuf Raza Gillani and his party Pakistan People’s Party leads a government after 12 years.

Mr. Gillani has to deal with a very sensitive situation and many edges. First of all, his biggest problem is President Pervez Musharraf himself; the man is a dictator who forced himself into power with a military coup. That’s the plain truth, whatever he has said or done, whatever his friends, like the American administration, have said or done. Just like another dictator in Chile, Pinochet; Musharraf doesn’t want to be remembered as a ruthless dictator but as a person who came into power with force with one and only aim to save Pakistan from destruction, the same destruction politicians have led it. Apparently the very same politicians who, according to Musharraf, are responsible for what happened in Pakistan are the ones who Musharraf just called to save his reputation, how ironic!

As I said this is a very sensitive part for Mr. Gillani, the people of Pakistan know who Musharraf is and history has taught that dictators never end well doesn’t matter for how long they manage to survive, Pinochet and Franco are good examples, they survived a lifetime but history will remember them as ruthless and bloodthirsty murderers. So Mr. Gillani has to help Musharraf to avoid this future but the same time he has to survive himself, he doesn’t want to be remembered as Musharraf’s puppet and alibi most of all he wants to have a political life and doesn’t want to be doomed when Musharraf withdraw toothless. How he is going to do that is a mystery to me because Musharraf is not toothless and he did prove it just months ago when he called martial law with very poor excuses.

Musharraf controls the army and the secret services which mean he controls everything and the one who is toothless is not him but the new elected government. Mr. Gillani knows that, that’s why he’s going to test how far he goes with the president ordering the release of all judges detained under emergency rule. Last November President Pervez Musharraf sacked dozens of judges as the Supreme Court was set to rule on whether his re-election was legal. Former chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was among those still held.

Mr. Gillani won the parliamentary vote by 264 votes to the 42 of Musharraf ally Chaudhry Pervez Elahi. Mr. Gillani made two key pledges in his speech following his election. The first was to demand "the immediate release of all the arrested judges"; sparking cheers from most of the gathered MPs. Police have already removed barbed wire from outside Mr. Chaudhry's home in Islamabad, where he has been under house arrest.
Mr. Chaudhry later appeared on his balcony to wave to hundreds of supporters. It was his first public appearance for four months. He thanked his "fellow judges and the entire nation".

Mr. Gillani's second pledge was to seek a resolution calling for a UN investigation into the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. "Democracy has been revived due to the sacrifice of Benazir Bhutto," Mr. Gillani said. He urged MPs to help him in his tasks. "My past experience in parliament has shown me that if you want this country to work, the parliament must be supreme, constitution must be sacred and rule of law enforced."

What remains is to wait and see while Pakistan’s dictator Pervez Musharraf sings the song and the new Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani dances.

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