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by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-03-24 09:57:52
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"King of Tort" lawyer who squeezed billions out of tobacco and asbestos industries will soon be known as "Queen of Tart" for trying to bribe judge

No comment!


Four webcams and a funeral; farewell services come to the Internet, for those who live too far or can't find a thing to wear.

Or …nothing to wear! This is a bit creepy!


British nurses told to address patients in more formal, correct manner, as in: "Mr. Smith, I've come to shave your willy."

Call me anything you like, as long you are careful with these razors!


New mothers in America demanding "push presents" including diamonds and expensive trips after giving birth.

I demand a “Bush present” after 10 years of George’s administration!


US Vice-President Dick Cheney has said peace between Israel and the Palestinians will require painful concessions on both sides. He said the creation of a Palestinian state was long overdue, but rocket attacks against Israel hindered peace.

Oh man, he’s gone to increase the oil prices again!


The United States will never pressure Israel to take steps to threaten its security.

Which translates, Palestinians you are …doomed!


Final preparations have been taking place in Greece for the lighting of the Olympic flame for the Beijing games. Cloudy skies meant the flame could not be lit in the traditional way - using the Sun's rays - at the final dress rehearsal on Sunday. If the weather fails to play its part in the ceremony on Monday, a back-up flame will be used to light the torch that will be carried to China.

I have the suspicion that the storms and the winds are coming from …Tibet!


International Olympic Committee chief Jacques Rogge believes the games could be a changing factor in China. "We believe that China will change by opening the country to the scrutiny of the world through the 25,000 media who will attend the games," he said in a statement. "Awarding the Olympic Games to the most populous country in the world will open up one fifth of mankind to Olympism."

Is this is his excuse? It is rather poor and I hope the next few months he will come with a better one … at least for the thousands shot on the head in China!


Police in south-eastern Turkey have clashed again with Kurdish protesters marking the Newroz spring festival, resulting in the deaths of two people. Doctors in the town of Yuksekova said a man had died of bullet wounds. A second man also died after suffering bullet wounds in Saturday's clashes in Van.

How many they must kill to start calling it the Kurd’s genocide? These people have no right in anything; they can hardly breathe under the Turkish boot!


Zimbabwe's main opposition party has accused the government of printing millions of surplus ballot papers for the presidential and legislative polls. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) says leaked documents show nine million papers have been ordered for the country's 5.9 million voters.

Mugabe, how many you killed today, you little Hitler caricature!


Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has pledged full support to the incoming coalition government, which will be made up of his political opponents. At a military parade to mark Pakistan's national day, Mr. Musharraf said a new era of democracy was beginning.

Talking about dictators and criminals here is …Musharraf!


You might see a copycat Ovi magazine

Remember that whoever copycats Ovi magazine shows how limited and untalented some parasites can be! But the legal system prevails, even the Mexican one!

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