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The Bright side of Mugabe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-03-21 09:04:42
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Everybody is warning about it in the loudest possible way and the only one who doesn’t want to hear is Robert Mugabe, the voices of the dead and the imprisoned scream go away and what is he doing? He’s going for elections! He’s embarrassing himself, his country and any dignity left to him if he ever had any.

News agencies and NGOs report one after the other the failure of the Zimbabwe’s dictator to do anything democratic in these elections; threatening, arresting and harassing any opposition to Africa’s Hitler. Mugabe’s information minister, something like Goebbels was for Hitler, Mr. Bright Matonga said just a few days ago, “We are not surprised at all by these kinds of reports, they are becoming a joke,” before adding that these are the reports the west likes to hear that’s why the news agencies and the NGOs send them. In the end he said that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is adequately prepared and unbiased, comprised of persons from the ruling Zanu-PF party and the opposition MDC. Most likely something will happen to those from the opposition at the last minute, but this is a different case. At the moment and in the papers they exist ready to report for duty.

Duty: what a magical word for Zimbabwe. What’s the duty of the citizens of this poor country? Is it their duty to vote? To vote for elections they have no hope to win?

I’m sorry I’m going to say it once more and I feel really sorry for the Zimbabwe people who are going to vote but I’m really suspicious for this opposition. I’m really afraid that even if there is change then democracy will survive only for a few months, perhaps a year, before there's another Mugabe with a different name. For Zimbabwe to meet democracy, have real free elections and be free then Mugabe and all his puppets must go for good. The people who are in exile must return and free elections must be with all the parties represented and participating. At the moment in Zimbabwe there is Mugabe’s party and the not Mugabe party which doesn’t really identify the future.

There are thousands of Zimbabweans in exile, some of them political exiles – it doesn’t matter which side they are representing – and more imprisoned inside the country. If Zimbabwe wants free elections and a free government all these must have the right to speak, to be candidates; to elect and be elected. But as I said for this to happen it has to become a change, a radical change that will keep Mugabe and his clan in prison at least.

For this to come people must escape from their fears, the guns and a civil war is not a solution but here, very sensitive and necessary, is the role of the neighbor South Africa. The people of Zimbabwe must understand and feel that they are not alone, that it is not only the white people of colonial Europe who stand against – often hypocritically if we remember the latest invitation to Mugabe from Solana – the ruthless dictator but people from the same side, people who have suffered the same like them standing beside them.

Mr. Bright Matonga, Zimbabwe’s Goebbels, continued about the reports saying that these organizations should be ashamed because they don’t see anything positive about Zimbabwe. Mr. Bright Matonga, anybody who has been to Zimbabwe has nothing except positive things to say about the beautiful country and the wonderful people, full of culture and hospitality but everybody who has been to Zimbabwe lately has only one thing to say, the hell of Mugabe is pictured in the eyes of every single Zimbabwean you meet.

Fear is the only smell in the streets and that includes the naïve tourist who wanted to see the country and meet the people. And remember Mr. Bright Matonga, you don’t need to be a journalist, a member of an NGO to feel it, it is just everywhere. After all, a bright person like you should feel it!

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WordsnCollision2008-03-20 19:22:04
If Zimbabwe had any oil, Mugabe would have been plucked from his spider-hole many months ago.

Thanos2008-03-20 21:05:06
I totally agree with you my friend and I really hope the people of Zimbabwe will kick him or better put him in a dark cell soon!!! The man is an embarrassment for the whole humanity.

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