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PROJECT "Future Without War"
by Alexandra Pereira
2008-03-23 10:38:33
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Objective of this project – built up over 30 years – together with its worldwide cooperation partners: freeing the earth from violence and war.


This is not a ‘great dream’ but a real historical possibility. Key aspects of our work: healing the collective trauma and build up of applicable prototype models, build up of an efficient global network, help in crisis areas. Previous operations in Bosnia, Middle East, Colombia, India.
Base camp Tamera/Portugal.

Three main issues:

• Self-sufficiency through new technology (which is in concrete development)
• Non-violent cooperation with all beings
• Ending the gender war

A concrete goal: Build up of futurological centres (World Peace Villages) and implementation of the ‘Global Campus’ with bases in all continents.

If possible please help with this work and spread this information in your networks.

In the name of love.
In the name of all children.
In the name of all creation.

2_01For more information please visit: www.future-without-war.com and note the following books:
• Dieter Duhm: Future Without War
ISBN 978-3-927266-24-7 - order at amazon.com
• Sabine Lichtenfels: GRACE - Pilgrimage for a Future Without War.
ISBN 978-3-927266-25-4 - order at amazon.com


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Get it off your chest
 (comments policy)

Emanuel Paparella2008-03-23 11:18:55
A good day, Easter of the Resurrection, for an appeal to love.

Here is a complementary excerpt from a book titled Introduction to Christianity:

“To the Christian, faith in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is an expression of certainty that the saying that seems to be only a beautiful dream is in fact true: "Love is strong as death" (Song 8:6). In the Old Testament this sentence comes in the middle of praises of the power of eros. But this by no means signifies that we can simply push it aside as a lyrical exaggeration. The boundless demands of eros", its apparent exaggerations and extravagance, do in reality give expression to a basic problem, indeed the" basic problem of human existence, insofar as they reflect the nature and intrinsic paradox of love: love demands infinity, indestructibility; indeed, it is, so to speak, a call for infinity. But it is also a fact that this cry of love cannot be satisfied, that it demands infinity but cannot grant it; that it claims eternity but in fact is included in the world of death, in its loneliness and its power of destruction. Only from this angle can one understand what "resurrection" means. It is" the greater strength of love in the face of death.”

The messanger is less important than the message here, the words stand for themselves but if pressed I will be happy to reveal him. Happy Easter of the Resurrection, Christian Europe.

Alexandra Pereira2008-03-23 11:28:43
Mr. Paparella:
I'm glad you liked it. Notice, though, that the article above - on the contrary of your message - is aimed to all people who read it and makes no distinction based on religion or other characteristic. I want to underline this.

So happy Easter, or just a great weekend for everyone!!

Emanuel Paparella2008-03-23 13:35:31
Ms. Pereira,
I hope you also liked the message, which was meant to complement yours, for its universality and independently of who sent it and which religioous views it expresses. Indeed love is universal but hard to believe in unless it incarnates itself in the particular.

Emanuel Paparella2008-03-23 16:03:59
P.S. The message of Leo Tolstoy in War and Peace is universal independent of his beliefs or those of the readers. There was a slight problem however in the life of Tolstoy: he deeply loved mankind in the astract but could not find in him to be kind to his wife.

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