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Andrew Bovell's "After Dinner"
by The Finn-Brit Players
2008-03-21 09:06:14
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'The masks will be ripped off After Dinner'

After Dinner is an ironic black comedy about single life and hidden desires. Taking place in the 80's, five people converge on a suburban nightspot to enjoy a meal and the after dinner entertainment, but as the evening progresses and tongues loosen, they find out much more about themselves than they would have liked to...

After Dinner is a bittersweet black comedy about human vulnerability, exposing the foibles, pain, and humour of the characters' inner lives.

Saturday 22nd March, 2pm and 7pm
@ Koko Teatteri - Unioninkatu 45, Helsinki

12th April, 2pm & 7pm & 13th April, 2pm
@ Teatteri Narri - Hietaniemenkatu 9, Helsinki

Tickets €9/€6

Tickets can be booked online at www.finnbritplayers.com

Starring: Amanda Thurman, Angie Hämäläinen, Matti Keltanen, Mira Fitzpatrick and Jarrad Dowd.

Lighting by: Agnieszka Flak.

Sound design by: Matthew Wooller.

Produced by Steve Porter.

Directed by Anna Kauppila

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