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News flash !!! Ancient aquatic monster photographed
by Linda Lane
2008-03-12 07:51:22
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Lake monster caught on film, yes it is TRUE! The Loch Ness Monster Nessie's cousin Winnie, the Lake Washington Monster, is photographed! See the Amazing evidence for yourself!

Bellevue in the background, you can just see the outline of Winnie's head raised above the water line swimming in direct sunlight just outside the children's swimming area yellow ropes.

Who could stop her from doing what ever she wants? Going wherever she pleases in the dark deep cool waters of Seattle and Bellevue's Lake Washington? Nobody, that's who!

How is it that this queen of the deep raises her head to look around here - is she hungry? Looking for a mate? Are there other of these ancient Plesiosaurs still in the wild from the Mesozoic era?

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Emanuel Paparella2008-03-12 13:04:59
Whitehead said that the whole of Western philosophy is a footnote to Plato. Was it not Plato who, via the myth of the cave, pointed out that there are two worlds, that of appearances and that of reality? Paradoxically he used a myth to elucidate the distinction.

Sand2008-03-12 13:16:17
Is that, perhaps, Paparella's hand at the end of his arm as he drowns in his sea of foolishness?

Emanuel Paparella2008-03-12 13:25:57
Or could it be perhaps the Flying Spaghetti Monster of the FSM churhc hiding his meatballs under water? Who knows. In a dark cave appearances always have pride of place.

Sand2008-03-12 13:52:01
Naaah! It's a hand. Anybody who cannot tell a hand from a forkfull of spaghetti is a dangerous dinner partner.

Robert2008-03-14 07:15:17
HA HA HA - which is funnier - the playful comments or the article?

LL2008-03-24 05:05:41
funny paparella & sand!

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