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Death screaming in Darfur
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-03-11 07:54:52
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This week seven trucks with food on their way for the refugees in the camps of Darfur were stolen and their drivers were abducted. The UN’s World Food Programme announced that less than 50% of the deliveries actually reach the camps and the people of Refuges and, of course at the same time, the UN General Secretary is still negotiating who is going on a peace mission that hasn’t started yet and this ‘yet’ lays too heavily on humanity.

darfur01How many more are going to die? I would really like to finish this article exactly here hoping that Ki-Moon might read this and do something but I think I’m screaming in the desert, there is nobody there! Perhaps somebody didn’t make it clear to him that this is part of his job description, to take care of these people, to stop death, obviously they forgot to tell him and he thinks that he is a tourist with a cool title.

darfur02WFP says that 37 trucks and 23 drivers are missing and naturally drivers are refusing to risk their lives into a drive to Darfur. So it is not enough that less than 50% reaches the camps in Darfur due to bandit attacks soon there will be no drivers willing to drive what is left to these people. The WFP warns that the Humanitarian Air Service, which transports aid workers and medicines, might be forced to stop due to lack of funding. Mr. General Secretary if you take off the headphones with the music from your ears you might hear the people screaming, death screaming in Darfur.

Five years and the death-toll piles more and more bodies in Darfur and the responsibility is international, we cannot hide our heads in the sand, we are all aware of what’s going on in Darfur. For five years none, absolutely none, of the powers has done any move for the peacekeeping, including the African powers in the neighbourhood, the African Union is just watching!

darfur03_400Diplomacy has failed in every single way and I feel that we have become so cynical that pictures of kids with skull faces and swollen bellies don’t touch us anymore; we are just turning the page of the paper or zap to the next channel to avoid the advert. It's not the case that diplomacy was not enough, diplomacy has failed, UN diplomacy has failed and the General Secretary holds full responsibility for that.

Even the International Criminal Court tried to get involved and despite the fact that Yugoslavia is blackmailed in dichotomy for not arresting the wanted war criminals, the people who actually acted genocide in Sudan are …free warlords controlling areas and plot in politics. It gets even worse when one of these warlords, responsible for a series of crimes after being appointed darfur04_400Defence Minister by the Sudanese government, was put in charge of the government refugees camps and responsible of monitoring the deployment of the AU-UN forces. This is the reality of Sudan, this is the reality the refugees of Darfur have to deal with, and this is the reality we deny to see. This is the damn reality the General Secretary of the United Nations deludes of seeing.

What comes next? We are all giving up, since miracles do not happen, and that’s the only way to save lives in Darfur, with a miracle. We’ve given up on human lives, we have given up on children’s lives, we have given up on our existence as humanity, since we are losing the elemental differences: our humanity!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-03-11 10:35:50
That last paragraph is the stuff of nihilism. Both Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky expressed nihilism existentially. The former only believed in Man's ability to redeem himself by his own powers, by despising himself and creating the overman; the latter believed in Man's inability to redeem himself narcisistically and therefore implicitely believed in miracles. They were both prophets, but one was the flip side of the other.

Amber Maye2008-03-12 06:01:26
Might sound stupid for asking but how does one get involved in this and help?

Jesse Smale2008-03-12 08:55:56
If we give up now, and do not expect a miracle we are letting this happen. We cannot give into defeat, the good of this earth must keep trying, in every way to help the down trodden, the poor, the widow. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing, it will make a difference! How can we help?

Rubberfrog2008-03-13 05:30:33
All in all, since the consideration period for the UN tend to take a while on things like this. I mean what are we talking, Military intervention, peacekeeping roles. I'm almost assuming something similar to Afghanistan, except .. do we have to worry about a major illegal export being probably the best way to solve the problem (in that country anyways). I'm assuming no since it's taken so long, hence also I'm assuming that there is no money to be made from saving them either.

Here's another question. What does it take for a humanitarian issue to get solved if there is no money to be made by the corporate powers which dictate our countries action? Does a protest work? I remember the days after the iraq protest, when I felt "we" had done something, we didn't but maybe it's way easier to start a war than it is to stop one.

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