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Sarkozy: Leave the French alone - Part 2 Sarkozy: Leave the French alone - Part 2
by Joseph Gatt
2008-03-10 07:13:45
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Twisted private life

Sarkozy manipulated the media to become France’s most talked about personality. However, as president, and before he became president, he has had a weird dating record, and connections with the most controversial entertainers and business leaders.

Sarkozy probably started off as having a normal relationship with his first wife Marie-Dominique Culioli, with whom he had two children. It is after the couple broke up, and eventually divorced, that Sarkozy’s dating record featured women that, to say the least, have no concept of ethics.

It is said that Sarkozy has always been a womanizer. The funny story is, he married Cecilia Ciganer Albeniz and prominent French media figure Jacques Martin when he was Mayor of the suburban city of Neuilly. Sarkozy’s couple and Jacques Martin’s couple were close, as pictures were revealed of the two couples enjoying spending time together.

What happened is that Sarkozy ended up leaving his first wife for Cecilia Ciganer Albeniz, and Cecilia left her husband for Sarkozy as well. How could a guy with no commitments in his relationships have made political commitments? This clearly shows that Sarkozy only follows his interests and animal desires in his everyday life. He tries to make his dreams and animal instincts become a reality no matter what it takes: manipulation, lies and betrayal.

When he became Minister of Home Affairs, Cecilia also played an important role as his advisor. She always kept an office next to his. However things started getting complicated within their couple, as Cecilia allegedly started dating French Morrocan CEO Richard Attias, while Sarkozy had started dating Le Figaro journalist Anne Fulda. Sarkozy was very careful in shutting down the rumors which might have damaged his bid for the presidency.

Though the couple cheated on each other, they eventually came back together during the presidential campaign, and when Sarkozy was sworn in as president, Cecilia was there, and they even publicly kissed. Most analysts say that it was a game Sarkozy was playing, in order to have the image of a responsible person. Indeed, things became complicated, and, very shortly after, Sarkozy was elected, the couple divorced.

Usually, it takes time for a man who came out of a divorce to start dating again. Not for Sarkozy. A couple of months later, he was found with a woman. And what a woman. Carla Bruni, a woman who is a self-proclaimed slut! She dated dozens of public figures from Mick Jagger to Jean Paul Enthoven, whom she had left for his son Raphael, Donald Trump, Louis Bertignac, Leos Crax, Charles Berling, Eric Clapton, Vincent Perez, Laurent Fabius…

Bruni, a singer, actress and model, is the female incarnation of Sarkozy: manipulate others, even if it takes sleeping with them, in order to get attention. The couple married two months later, in February, as Sarkozy’s popularity went way down. Indeed, French people had finally realized that he became president in order to have a privileged access to fun.

Sarkozy doesn’t only marry celebrity sluts to get more attention; he gets a bunch of celebrities to endorse him in his presidential bid, most of who know nothing about politics but are popular figures. One striking example if singer Faudel, a drop out from school, that lost his popularity after endorsing Sarkozy and then tried to commit suicide.

Other examples include Johnny Hallyday, another singer who once claimed in a press conference that his concert would be on February 30th, Doc Gyneco, a rapper who advocates the legalization of marijuana, and a plethora of multi-billionaires who lent everything from private planes to yachts and luxurious mansions to Sarkozy.

Indeed, Sarkozy always spends his vacations in luxurious locations, and does everything to make them public. He changed the image of a president from an authority figure to a buffoon who enjoys the life mostly rich spoiled actors and entertainers enjoy.

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Coucou Akli,
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