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An Evening on Palorius 7
by Artie Knapp
2008-03-07 09:34:58
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“No matter how vast and far reaching space is, I still want to give you the Universe my darling.”

“That’s very sweet Frank. But why would I need all that space?”

“For starters, think of all the places we’ll get to see and cover.”

“True, but don’t you think we should cover our asses first?”

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Asa2008-03-07 09:36:44
Thanks! That made me smile.

Emanuel Paparella2008-03-07 11:56:05
In a 1941 critical essay titled "The Art of Donald McGill" George Orwell observed that "the four leading jokes are nakedness, illegitimate babies, old maids and newly married couples, none of which would seem funny in a really dissolute or even ‘sophisticated’ society."

That's good news 67 years later. Or is it?

flower2008-11-27 20:08:29

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