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"Anatomic Bombs"
by Jan Sand
2008-03-04 08:13:49
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If I stroke a girl's behind
There's nothing new to find
As the effort gives responses uniform.
I am fairly well acquainted

That the form, as often painted,
Has nothing much to vary from the norm.
And the pleasure thus acquired
Is never old or tired
It is always a delight to go through.
So I must thank genetics
For the smooth happy kinetics
That bestows the joyful sense that's always new.
Since, by fate, I am designed
To relish a behind
No matter how the logic finalizes

That a bottom might commend
Any girl I apprehend
In spite of lacking any new surprises.
That the current rear end felt
Never fails (below the belt)
To keep my life demented but exciting.
Praise gluteus, hail maximus
That evokes the best in us
To welcome love, reject the acts of fighting.

From one who rarely tipples
You can take it straight from me
That a pair if staring nipples
Revealed disturbingly
Are sufficiently sensational
To prompt the most irrational
Reactions conversational
That should never be.

The appearance of those spots
Does something to the mind
Tying logic into knots
Both disruptive and so kind
As to elevate the tensions
Beyond normal conventions
Creating odd extensions -
Inhibitions to unwind.

Preference may disagree
On stimulants incisive.
Which lock needs whatever key
Can be damnably divisive.
But hormones in humanity
Demand complete conformity
It's just basic necessity
And it doesn't bother me.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-03-04 11:21:09
From cover: "Most painters have painted themselves. So have most poets: not so palpably indeed, but more assiduously. Some have done nothing else." - Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare (Add a comment)

It is only natural to be aroused by a pair of boobs or a behind and react accordingly just as it is natural to consider political power the ultimate aphrodisiac of old men, says the materialist-naturalist-value-free-scientist, thus implicitly separating nature from ethical behavior and losing sight that the same act that expresses love can also express hatred when it takes the form of rape.

Indeed, materialism has always conceived nature as that which lies behind sense experience, as that which is casually responsible for sense perception. That view engenders the split between primary and secondary qualities first made explicit by Locke, where secondary qualities are thought to be merely ephemeral effects caused in the mind by the primary qualities of objects. Alfred North Withehead for one thinks such a split unwarranted and undesirable for if true he says, “The poets are entirely mistaken. Rather than praising the rose for its scent, or the nightingale for its song, they should address their lyrics to themselves, and should turn them into odes of self-congratulations on the excellence of the human mind.” Whitehead proposes in his philosophy of science (process philosophy) that science should address itself to the relation between perceptual events and do away with the outmoded claim to be investigating an underlying abstract “matter.” (see his Process and Reality). If Whitehead has a valid point about mutual admiration societies of materialist-value-free-naturalist poets, than the above statement on self-admiration by second rate poets and painters, otherwise known as narcissism, by William and Julius Charles Hare makes perfect sense too.

Sand2008-03-04 12:03:32
Although poets frequently inspire it is sometimes surprising and depressing what strange inspirations can arise.

Sand2008-03-04 13:23:25
Although I have never indulged in the practice myself I have seen rather spectacular people who painted themselves amongst Native Americans and African tribes.
And, of course, it seems both Bill Clinton and JFK have been rather successful with their aphrodisiac capabilities.
And of course, it is regularly demonstrated throughout history that all the religions that preach love seem very successful with hate.

Emanuel Paparella2008-03-05 21:12:45
When confronted by an inconvenient truth throw in a straw man...On the other hand the point may have been missed or perhaps misunderstood. What the Hares are talking about of course is the portrait painting of oneself (via a mirror) by many painters, not the painting of one's body. That kind of misunderstanding is quite revealing of a mind-set unable to conceive of art as symbolical and transcending the ego.

Sand2008-03-05 22:12:26
Poor old E.P. with no sense of humor at all.

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