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Slobodan Milosevic: The Dividing Spirit
by Rene Wadlow
2008-03-03 08:21:37
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A friend, Albert Tevoedjre, at the time President of the African Student Union in France and later government minister of the Republic of Benin, had suggested that African countries put up statues to Adolf Hitler, for without the Second World War, the French and English might still have their African colonies. Likewise, the new Kosovo government can put up a large statue of Slobodan Milosevic in a central square for without Slobodan Milosevic there would be no independent Kosovo.

Slobodan Milosevic was the dividing spirit, incarnated so that the tribal souls could manifest themselves one last time before leaving the scene. The role of Slobodan Milosevic can only be understood as part of the transition from the Piscean Period to the Age of Aquarius so I will set out briefly the structure of astrological cycles as the guiding spirit of the age. For those who like to see things in a more complicated way, please see Carl Gustav Jung’s Aion –contribution to the study of the symbolism of the Self with a long bibliography of hard-to-find books.

Basically, the complex of ideas and practices known as the New Age holds that every two thousand years humanity moves into a new age in which civilization is predominantly influenced by the particular astrological sign that rules that age. For the past 2000 years, we have been in the Piscean Period which inaugurated the Christian era (symbolized by the two- fish symbol used by the early Christians.) Around the year 2000 we entered into the Aquarian Age symbolized by the bearer of water pouring water for new seeds.

The influences of the Age of Aquarius were felt before the year 2000 and the structures and intellectual influences of the Piscean Period will continue to be felt for a number of years still. However, the shift has taken place and the Piscean influences are fading swiftly.

In preparation for the New Age, toward the end of the Piscean Period, souls who have strong karmic ties to Piscean structures and who must fulfil some obligations appropriate to the Piscean Period incarnate. Were they to be reborn later, they would not be able to function because the dominant character of the new age will be too different. Such souls bring with them the energies of an earlier stage of the cycle when they were living and acquired the obligations that they must fulfil now.

So, Slobodan Milosevic was the incarnation of an earlier tribal soul, probably that of a chief who brought with him the physical and psychic energy of a tribal chief, perhaps one who led his people from Central Asia to southern Europe. When he began his political efforts, it was as a trained banker who had spent most of his working life in the USA. His first battle cry was “Moderate economic reforms!” The cry brought no great popular echoes. Until in 1989, on the field of Kosovo he said to the assembled Serbs “Tribe! And we are not going to be pushed around.” And there were echoes, in Serbia and throughout Yugoslavia of people to whom tribe was the nature of their soul — not ready for a world without frontiers.

And so the tribal souls came to the front, in Yugoslavia, and in the mountains of Afghanistan, and on the plains of Iraq, all calling out “Tribe!” The Kosovars found many to shout “Tribe!” and so a tribal state was created.

The Piscean Period was one in which identity was formed largely in a “we—they” framework which led to group identity. This was a necessary transition from even earlier periods when identity was limited to that of the village, and there was little cooperation even with people belonging to the same ethnic group. Thus, once the cry of “Tribe” was a progressive cry.

In the Age of Aquarius, there will be a shift to identity with the Higher Self and a fading away of ethnic and national identification. However, in this period of transition, there are people who fear such a loss of identity, who are fearful of the future, and thus who want to build walls around themselves. This closing in upon oneself is too often linked to seeing those outside as enemies, often enemies of long date. Some political leaders will build their base of support upon such fears.

The last flames of the passing Piscean Period can burn brightly for a short time. It is not useful to combat the tribal souls for they are used to being attacked and will answer with energy. Rather we must recognize that the healing waters of the Aquarian Age are starting to be poured by the water bearer. The signs of the Age of Aquarius are mobility and cooperation. The ways in which the tribal unions of former Yugoslavia develop cooperation and common projects will be a sign of the New Age.

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Sand2008-03-03 17:04:06
As the Arctic and Antarctic icecaps dissolve into the seas and we slosh around what was previously our coastal cities we will no doubt be made more aware of the age of Aquarius.

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