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L&OCI Semi-Detached: Killer
by Linda Lane
2008-02-29 09:00:20
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"Countries that do not control knowledge and information tend to do better because the average guy who is exposed to a lot of information can get ideas and profit from them." Tom Clancy[1]

Killer: "Robert, don't you care about me? I know you care about me, I could see it"
Detective Bobby Goren: "I didn't mean for you to see it"[2]

1.0 Connecting with Information Personally TV, Search, Database, Killer, Writer, Actor

30541825_e8e555094b_400 When studying for a college class sometimes the materials springboard the student into a new way of viewing the same old things, such that it changes their viewpoint on how metadata works in culture. Here is an example of this, how information is a pivot point in a plot of a TV series, to examine the information and the character's human and emotional reaction to it, and subsequent rendering attachment as evidence, with specifics on how personal contact was made using available information, search tools, and relevant artefacts.

Such was the case for a student, let's call her, Diana watching the popular program Law and Order, Criminal Intent (hereafter L&OCI) after reading the classic Information Management for the Intelligent Organization: The Art of Scanning the Environment, Chapter 1: The Intelligent Organization, written by C. W. Choo [3]Diana's tools included:
1. Television itself,
2. a channel changer
3. World Wide Web,
4. through the computer screen, high speed internet connection, and mouse
5. Access to Google, and other web sites
6. Experience using the Web and searches to interpret results quickly

As a student money is limited, and even paying for information in the "Deep Web" Diana has found from experience may not provide the actual information needed, when by appropriately using the tools at her disposal, may produce the exact results she expects. More limited than money, however, is time, so she must quickly reflect on the process she will use.

Her quest for information is specific to a specific episode, "Semi-Detached" where the lead character Detective Goren befriends a suspect -- both out of a desire to find out if the female suspect is indeed a murderer, and out of a sense of attraction. How the information he accumulates pivots on his personal weakness and shows just exactly how far he has gone to get both pieces of information, the viewer becomes aware of the change in his view both of the information he has gathered and his intention in a single brilliant exchange.

Diana wants to discuss with the show's writer how he came to display this level of insight into both information itself and the show's characters. Being impatient and wishing to complete reading Choo's long text she wants to meet and discuss the L&OCI screenplay with the author by midnight of the same night she viewed the show and read Choo's text.

Here are the steps Diana took to acquire the information she needed to find the show's author and contact him, and communicate in the same evening. Because this information may be presented in both brief and complex ways the overview, or simple outline is presented first and the detail specifics with her reasoning are withheld here so as to meet deadline for presenting this information by midnight Friday September 29, 2006.

1.1 Brief Outline of Obtaining Data Specifics From Live Information

1. Document line from TV show
2. Get Show and Episode specific Info from live TV
3. Search on specifics in Google search engine (safe search option on)
4. Scan through and interpret results[4]
5. Choose IMDB.com[5] as expert source for information on L&OCI
6. Discard information purchase offered from IMDB site to purchase information agent's contact email
7. Locate name of the author of screenplay (story)
8. Query on story author's name, Gerry Conway
9. Select Wikipedia as expert site for additional information (perhaps contact or email) and scan details on his history for keys for how to contact him and what to say10. Copy large section of text from story author's blog quoting family history[6]
11. Query on Google, scan and locate Gerry Conway's blog Things I Wish I'd Thought of Sooner [7]
12. Find Gerry Conway's email address on his blog, under "Go on email me, I dare you"
13. Write and send email to Mr. Conway with appropriate references and question
14. Email does not bounce but a forwarded address arrives immediately, resend email
14. Mr. Conway responds within 1 hour
15. Mr. Conway replies that did not write that section, the actor playing Detective Goren, Vincent D'Onofrio, ad-libbed the sensitive line.

1.2 Artifact: Partial Text of the Sent inquiry from Diana "Anyway I love the insightful use of the Gorn[8] [sic] character,

"Robert, don't you care about me?" "I know you care about me, I could see it"
"I didn't mean for you to see it"
Man that just works on so many levels. I just started studying for my executive Masters of Science in Information Management at the University of Washington, and I am seeing evidence documents text and information at a whole new level. Oh - anything you want to tell me about your hyper reasoning for the line I'd love to hear it."

1.3 Artefact: Partial Text of the Received Email from Mr. Conway

Hi Diana

Oddly enough, the line in question was ad-libbed by the actor on set (though it's consistent with the tone and direction of the script). So I can't take credit for it.

Thanks for your kind words,


1.4 Conclusion

Diana's interest in the ways she views the world and the speed with which she can connect changed with both the experience of reading about and using information. This experience was almost magical – it has changed her viewpoint in some depth.

The accidental framing of information and emotion becoming evidence, she noted to the story author, was only made possible by his well-written script, this framework became a spring board for the actor to act in response to the immediate events, allowing the story to evolve naturally and bloom with hyper realism.

* * * * * * * * * * *

[1] http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/t/tomclancy290237.html
[2] http://www.tv.com/law-and-order-criminal-intent/show/1381/do-goren-and-eames-ever-fight/topic/1173-472556/msgs.html
[3] Choo. C. W. (2002) . Chapters 1-2. Information Management for the Intelligent Organization: The Art of Scanning the Environment. Medford, NJ: Information Today, Inc. <eReserves>
[4] http://www.tv.com/law-and-order-criminal-intent/show/1381/do-goren-and-eames-ever-fight/topic/1173-472556/msgs.html
[5] http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0629569/
[6] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerry_Conway
[7] http://homepage.mac.com/gconway/Sites/blog/Blog.html
[8] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorn As a "Gorn" is a character that any Star Trek Science Fiction fan would recognize, Diana was not concerned about spelling the Detective's name Goren correctly because Mr. Conway has written science fiction for years and it would only add a layer of interest to the email.
[9] Terry Bain's photo of Vincent D'Onofrio, Law and Order: Criminal Intent on Location in NYC http://www.flickr.com/photos/axis/

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 (comments policy)

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-29 11:39:01
One metadata about which we have not thought out the full implications yet, is that of the huge bonfire in Nazi Germany in 1932 on which thousands of classical books were thown. That was before they started thrown people on it... Nowadays we do not burn books or people any longer. We simply let them gather dust in our libraries and prefer the super fast google dictionaries which give us in two seconds what may have taken twenty years of laborious research and hard work of writing. Indeed, what is at the cutting edge of technology may be change, very fast change, but whether or not it is for the better, for the enhancing of our humanity, that's another story.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-29 11:47:17
P.S. Before the self-appointed guardian of political correctness and censor in residence of selected grammatical purity consults his dictionary and points out the errata above, the second sentence ought to read "That was before they started throwing people on it..."

LL2008-03-01 04:12:34
hmmm 'ignoring' as a form of 'burning'... distruction from a lack of relavancy or currency in access. Truth through better end user voting. interesting Paparella...

LL2008-03-01 04:13:46
still Clancy - ""Countries that do not control knowledge and information tend to do better because the average guy who is exposed to a lot of information can get ideas and profit from them." Tom Clancy[1]"

Emanuel Paparella2008-03-01 05:31:07
Intriguing indeed,Linda. You must surely have seen today's article on DNA conceived as mankind's library (which indeed it is as Jung pointed out too with his concept of the collective unconscious...)and with the potential of manipulating it so that every human being is born with a genome that contains all the books ever written. It appears that the article was greeted with a yawn judging from the comments that followed. As you say, burning by ignoring? In any case, as somebody who is up on the latest in technological innovations, I'd be interested in your take on such a proposal especially on what would happen to human freedom if actually put into effect. Would an atheist consent to have in his genome structure the Holy Bible against which he has been grinding an axe all his life? Or would he simply be a carrier of books which he never bother to read? Would he burn all those carrying such awful book? How is that different from the Inquisition of old? Or was Dostoyovsky on to something when he said that "place a man in a wholly deterministic universe and he will blow it up simply to prove that he is free."

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