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The rise and fall
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-02-26 09:28:58
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Watching what this American administration is doing internationally you have to think that the general attitude is …screw them! We are going to do whatever we like and let the next administration deal with the aftermath; after all, it is not going to be the Republicans but the Democrats, so just …screw them!!!

Well, they are screwed indeed. Unfortunately along with the American Democrats are going to be screwed a lot of others including democracy itself! Kosovo has declared independence ignoring international law but has the blessing of Condoleezza Rice, but - and this is a huge but - when the Basque in Spain will ask for exactly the same treatment – nothing more, nothing less - Condoleezza Rice will condemn them. Not to mention what will happen when the Flemish in Belgium move, the Scots and the Welsh.

Irresponsibly they will let the governments deal with the problem, a problem that literally comes out of the blue and could have been dealt with many other ways before giving rights to separatists. By the way, I thought that California should be an independent country with Arnold for president. That will give a lesson to the Democrats!

Who’s next? FYROM is the next, a country with a strong Albanian minority long waiting for that and the dream for the greater Albania will come true and, to quote literature, through iron and blood, because the next step will bring war. Who’s next? The Kosovo Serbs are next because they are not going to accept this change and they have already shown what they are thinking; they are going to do to Kosovo exactly the same thing Kosovo did to Serbia. Who’s next? The Greek minority that overpopulates south Albania. They would like to have their independence from being constantly tyrannized either by the former communists or the Muslims of the north.

At the same time, the Turks have invaded north Iraq, the only stable zone till now in a country ready for a civil war using terrorism as an excuse. Invade against any logic and ignore international law but with the blessing of Condoleezza Rice …again! The Turks proudly announce every so often how many terrorists they killed in their heavily-armed invasion forgetting, I suppose, intentionally how many innocent Kurds they have also killed, yet they follow the example of the master.

We learn daily the number of American soldiers that die in Iraq but we never learn the exact number of innocent civilians killed since the beginning of the war. Thousands, hundred of thousands! So how many dead are the Turks going to leave behind them in their new genocide? The Turks seem to be involved wherever there is a trouble in the Balkans. They seem to support in many ways - not necessarily, according international law - the Muslims in FYROM and Albania, perhaps while Albania is after the dream of greater Albania, the Turks are after the dream of the Ottoman Empire, Wien be aware!

Naturally Musharraf cannot understand why the Americans are complaining now, according to what president George W. Bush often said he is the rock of stability in the area! Ok, he lacks a bit of democracy but nobody is perfect. I mean he lost the elections – if there is a way to call those democratic elections – he’s not going to step down and recognize the people’s will but he had good time every time he visited Washington. A valuable ally in the war against terror!

No worries about the best allies in the Middle East, they are the most democratic country in the world. The religious freak police arrested over 50 young people for …dancing to attract girls!!! Oh man, how can they survive so much democracy? Now I understand why all this talk about the Sharia laws in the west.

Enough with all that, the truth is that the next administration is in really deep shit. Most of the administrations that had the chance to have a second term tried to make all these things they had missed in their first term thinking of the political cost on their next elections. This administration did everything like they wanted to be remembered as the worst administration ever. They definitely failed in the worst way in their foreign policy; they dragged a nation into an unexcused war with lies, they managed to alienate their most valuable allies and ally with the worst possible, they failed in the economy; they failed in education, in health. The poor didn’t become poorer, they are homeless! Pax Romana is dead and US repeats history, the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.

There is no time left and whatever is to happen must happen now. Perhaps it is time for the candidates to think. Perhaps it is time to leave aside personal ambitions, stupid emails, throwing mud at each other, perhaps it is time to make history. Perhaps it is time for Hillary and Obama to understand that their enemy is George W. Bush and his administration and they can beat it only united without spending time, effort and energy in a war between them.

In the examples above I left out Africa, south Asia, Middle East, North Korea, Iran and many others asking for solutions, solutions that George W. Bush cannot give since it is part of the problem or in some cases the problem. Perhaps it is time for the Democrats to stop biting their tail and start seriously working for USA's future!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-02-26 12:38:48

Unfortunately, until Machiavellian paradigms of "real politik" (Kissinger's ultimate aphrodisiac...) and Nietzchean "will to power" are substituted with wiser ones of Aristotelian "will to truth" in the West the snake in the box or rationalism will keep on biting its tail.

Emnanuel Paparella2008-02-26 12:44:20
P.S. Perhaps Ralph Nader, that irritating godfly of democracy, is on target in pointing out imaginative alternatives that none of the present candidates are remotely considering. Will democracy repay him with the same treatment accorded to Socrates? Stay tuned, it get more interesting by the day.

Sand2008-02-26 14:01:40
"Aphrodisiac". Interestingly put (if you understand the word). Are you trying to say Kissinger is attempting to fuck the world?

Sand2008-02-26 14:05:22
And again characterizing Nader as a "godfly". (Did you forget to capitalize the "G" ?) Such inventive language is certainly an improvement over your standard output.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-27 18:21:16
"...the five main types of speech to avoid are lies, divisive speech, harsh and abusive speech, and idle and distracting speech. "

--Doug McGill

(wisely pointed out at the end of one of today's Ovi articles).

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