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by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-02-24 10:00:29
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"This race is very close, it's very contested," Clinton said, "I've won some, he's won some. Each of us has to get to 2025 delegates. So of course every single race is important."

Now I've got it! One question only: Are anabolic steroids forbidden in this race?


"I do think there is a fundamental difference between us in terms of how change comes about," Sen. Obama said. "Sen. Clinton of late has said, 'Let's get real.' The implication is that the people who've been voting for me or involved in my campaign are somehow delusional."

I thought it wasn’t all black and white!!!


"You know, lifting whole passages from someone else's speeches is not change you can believe in, it's change you can Xerox," Hillary said about Obama’s speeches.

The problem is who pays for the bloody ink they are both using!!!


Turkish ground forces have crossed the border into northern Iraq to target Kurdish rebels said to be sheltering there, Ankara has said.

After Armenians, now the Kurds!!! Turkey is keeping with her history!


Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is relieved to be leaving office and has promised himself a holiday, according to an article attributed to him.

I presume Cuba needs a holiday from his as well! A long holiday!!!


Republican White House hopeful John McCain has rejected a newspaper report that suggested he had an inappropriate relationship with a female lobbyist.

Please tell us, how do they call it nowadays?


Mrs. McCain also said she was "very disappointed" in the New York Times. "More importantly, my children not only trust my husband, but know that he would never do anything to not only disappoint our family, but more importantly, the people of America," she said.

You have already disappointed America!!!


Microsoft has announced that it will open up the technology of some of its leading software to make it easier to operate with rivals' products.

Indeed, after the rest of the market has opened its …legs!!!


Klaus Volkert, the former head of Volkswagen's employee council, has been sent to jail for two years nine months for his role in a corruption scandal. He was found guilty of incitement to breach of trust in the case, which involved employee representatives getting illegal privileges.

The people’s …prison?


David Miliband has admitted two US "extraordinary rendition" flights landed on UK territory in 2002. The foreign secretary said in both cases US planes refueled on the UK dependent territory of Diego Garcia.

Any more lies we don’t know, Tony?


US rapper P Diddy says he wants to concentrate on his acting career.

Just like Madonna I think he should never leave his …morning job!


A Los Angeles judge has ordered Britney Spears' former manager to stay away from the struggling pop star. Sam Lutfi must not come within 250 yards (228 meters) of the singer until 17 March, US District Court Judge Philip Gutierrez said.

Sex and drugs and Britney Spears


Actor Will Smith has received an apology and damages from a news agency after it falsely accused him of saying Adolf Hitler was "a good person".

That would have been …oxymoron!


Leonardo DiCaprio is to produce a live-action version of anime classic Akira, according to Hollywood Reporter.

What do you call Titanic in Japanese?


Approval has been given to build a modern art gallery on a site where 19th Century artist JMW Turner stayed on his visits to Margate, Kent. Planning permission for the Turner Contemporary was granted by Thanet District Council last week.

There is only one comment here …WOW!


You might see a copycat Ovi magazine

Remember that whoever copycats Ovi magazine shows how limited and untalented some parasites can be! But the legal system prevails, especially the Mexican one!

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Clint2008-02-24 11:27:18
I have to say that's the first time I've ever heard someone mention WOW and Margate in the same sentence. I used to holiday there every year as a kid and it was a typical 1960's holiday town but lack of investment and a place called Spain killed it off long ago. It is sadly now a 'dive' and overrun with immigrants being so close to Dover.

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