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Kosovo: Pandora's Box opened
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-02-18 09:33:11
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Imagine that the Sami parliament decides in the next few days that they have had enough of being mistreated and misunderstood by the Finnish government so they decide that within a two month period they are going to declare their independence from the Finnish republic. To push things a bit further, the Sami parliament decides that it is fair to expand the new Lapland democracy to all the lands that have strong influence, including Sweden, Norway and Russia hoping that in the near future they will all be united in the Great Lappish democracy.

The US government, according to her geopolitical plans and thinking that in the future they might find oil under the ice, plus the feeling of doing something to hurt the old villains Russia, decide that they are going to support the Sami decision and when the time comes they are going to recognize the new democracy, so the UK naturally follows. There are some objections from Russia, naturally, and some European countries and, of course, the issue is coming to the UN Security Council where after long argument they decide that they cannot agree.

For the next two months Finland tries to find her legal rights against the Sami decision through the UN but at the end of the two months Lappish democracy is a reality and Finland has very limited options: either recognize the new democracy that has suddenly appeared inside her own land or send the army, which will bring back bitter memories from international history and will find themselves in opposition to countries like the USA, the superpower who guarantees the independence!

Fine, I used an extreme example that most likely upset the Finns, but at this very minute Kosovo has opened Pandora’s Box with a lot of help from an opportunistic US administration that respects only one dogma: decide and rule with questionable motives and without a plan as are most of this administration’s acts. Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia, without the agreement or better ignoring the decisions of the UN and Security Council, can mean only one thing, which is we are in deep trouble and this is going to include all of us.

The invasion in Iraq has already placed the higher institution of world peace in contestation, one country – doesn’t matter how big or how strong – using as an excuse national security and future threat can invade another one on the other side of the world ignoring any decision of the Security Council and it might have sounded fine when it was Iraq under one of the worst regimes of modern history but what will happen in the future when, for example, Pakistan for the same exactly reasons attacks India with nuclear bombs. The USA and UK were the first to ignore and destroy any credibility of the UN and unfortunately the US is again behind the second major controversy about the authority the Security Council has. And the big question now is 'Who’s next?'! And the queue is long.

Taiwan must be happy with Kosovo and the Basks must getting ready for their independence from Spain soon and naturally the only allies of the US in their invasion to Iraq, the Kurds must already be planning the legality of their next step, after all if US is ready to recognize Kosovo so easily why not an independent Kurdish democracy, which of course will get a great part of Turkey, Iraq and Iran. I presume Kosovo will not react badly if the Serbs who live in Kosovo ask for their independence, on the contrary, after what they did they must give it to them as a present and we should all expect over the next few days a new democracy rising inside Kosovo this time! I presume Condoleezza Rice will be more than happy to join in the celebrations of this new Serbian in Kosovo democracy, because if she will not what will be her excuse? Will the Security Council or international stability be her excuse?

Ladies and gentlemen we failed! We failed to prevail with any kind of international stability and we failed to prevail with any kind of legality, because it is fine with Serbia, too weak to react but what will happen when Taipei will follow the example? Do you thing Beijing will wait and see? Because they are the next, they made it obvious with the last election they hold in Taiwan and they been asking for a chance the last thirty years. And then what US is going to do? Start a war with China to assist Taiwan? What they are going to do when Kosovo decides to fulfil its dreams for a greater Albania against its neighbours, freeing for example the Albanians who live in FYROM, a country that trembles between existence and non existence with already major problems with the Albanians?

The Balkans have already started a world war once in the last century lets see what hill happen in the new century and this time the responsibility will be global because we failed to shield our institutions and their decisions. The ‘free Kosova’ logo in the shape and style of Coca Cola logo is biggest irony for the new democracy, the Coca Cola democracy.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-02-18 10:52:43
Indeed, the greatest damage of the war in Iraq, one which is not talked about enough. is that done to international law. It will come back to haunt the whole Western World. On the other hand, it was never not what is on paper (even if that paper is a Constitution)that reveals our belief system but how we act. On paper all nations are for peace. The way they act belies something else: a Machiavellian paradigm of real-politik which has gone unchallenged (in action that is, not on paper)for centuries except by Don Quixote types such as Ghandi and Martin Luther King usually derided by the realists of real politik. Pity.

AP2008-02-18 12:35:50
You know, Thanos, it has been well known since the eighties how inside the UN, in its hallways, the major potencies try to buy votes to legitimate their decisions. I wouldn't be surprised if in one month the UN would legitimate US's disastrous foreign policy.

John2008-02-20 01:35:47
Well, it seems that it is the last chance for USA to change the rules of the game. I am completely sure that their think tanks have made the prognosis already. The empire is start falling. The signs are obvious here and there, for military actions (iraq etc) to the strong us dollar. The signs are talking about china becoming sooner or later the new super power. So , what do you do when all the signs give the same answer? Or when there is not a viable solution to keep your empire alive? Imagine what a cards player does. Re split the cards from the beggining. It's in USA ittention to start a new barage of conflicts around the world. Someone has to sell arms you know. The instability that is coming is so big that might cause trouble even into usa. But they risk it since they can't react with another way. An empire will use all methods to keep their power. Maybe that explains some of what we see lately. Maybe it's just my imagination.

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