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Finn Brit Players' Spring Programme
by The Finn-Brit Players
2008-02-18 09:32:44
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Dear Players,

As always, we look forward to a theatrically active spring season. The major production of the season is After Dinner by Andrew Bovell, which will be performed in late March and early April. In addition, the Drama Incubator produces its first show of three short plays in May. And of course we will have the usual run of Poetry & Jazz, play readings and parties.

Spring programme


Friday 22 February: Play Reading
The first play reading of the season will be Cabfare for the Common Man, a collection of comic short plays submitted to the Players for a reading by the author, Mark Harvey Levine.
FINNBRIT (Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9) at 7 pm.


Saturday 15 March: St. Patrick's Party
Celebrate the most Irish day of the year, even if not quite on the exact day, with your mates from the Players. Put on something green, bring a friend, and don't forget your Guinness! Organised by Steve Porter.
FINNBRIT (Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9) at 7 pm.

Wednesday 19, 26 March: Poetry & Jazz
Joel Holmberg organises this spring's run of Poetry & Jazz, at 8 pm in the piano room at Café Engel. This time the theme of the poems is Nature. With Johanna Pitkänen on the piano. Free entrance.

Friday 28 March: Play Reading
At play readings we, well, read a play. Out loud. One person leads the reading and assigns roles. Everybody gets a chance to read. This session is open to proposals. If you have a play in mind, please contact the committee.
FINNBRIT (Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9) at 7 pm.

Saturday 22 March: Spring Production
After Dinner by Andrew Bovell, directed by Anna Kauppila
The scene is a suburban pub bistro on Friday night. Three office workers - Dympie, who needs to control everything, Paula who lets her, and the recently widowed Monika - are desperately seeking a good night out. At an adjoining table sit Gordon, recently abandoned by his wife, and Stephen, looking for something more than the usual one night stand. As the night proceeds, inhibitions and social restraint are abandoned, exposing the foibles, pain and humour of the characters' inner lives. It is an acutely observed but tender-hearted account of relationships and behaviour.

Directed by Anna Kauppila and produced by Steve Porter.
Kokoteatteri (Unioninkatu 45)
22 March at 2 pm and 7 pm
Tickets e9/6
See www.finnbritplayers.com for details.


Wednesday 2 April: Poetry & Jazz
The third and last performance of this Spring's Poetry & Jazz sessions. 8 pm at Café Engel.

Saturday - Sunday 12-13 April: Spring Production
After Dinner by Andrew Bovell, directed by Anna Kauppila
Further performances of After Dinner at Narri (Hietaniemenkatu 9 C).
12 April at 2 pm and 7 pm
13 April at 2 pm
Tickets e9/6
See www.finnbritplayers.com for details.

Friday 18 April: Play Reading
This evening is open to proposals. If you have a play that you would like to hear read out loud, please contact the committee. Bring refreshments and a friend, FINNBRIT (Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9) at 7 pm.

Saturday 19 April: Photography Workshop
Lights! Camera! Hold that pose! Do you enjoy dressing up, posing, or taking photographs of people? Then sign up for this relaxed session in which you can strike poses in costumes from the wardrobe and/or attempt to capture the magic of the poses in photographs.

We are looking for:
Models: Anyone who would like to try posing, regardless of age, gender, beauty, or modelling experience.
Photographers: Complete novices to pros welcome! Learn new skills from each other.

Please send questions and registrations no later than 31 March to robert.mandara@elisanet.fi and indicate whether you wish to pose and/or photograph.
Saturday 19 April 10:00-19:00, at FINNBRIT. Free for members, 5 euros for non-members.


Saturday - Sunday 3-4 & 10-11 May:
Murder, Mania & Misogyny!

Drama Incubator is hatching its first three chicks this spring:

Dirty Work at the Crossroads by Bill Johnson, abridged & adapted by Joan Nordlund
A tale of passion, murder, deceit and intrigue involving the usual suspects: the gullible widow, the innocent daughter, the faithful admirer, the hired help, the dastardly villain, 'she who will have her revenge', and the Asterbilts of Fremington Manor. But where does Little Nell fit in?

Guardian Demon by Zoë Chandler
The eternal battle between Good and Evil has not disrupted Adam's sheltered life - until now, when it's brought to disturbing life by the angelic and demonic voices whispering into his brain. But visits to his beautiful yet troubled therapist Eve bring nothing but complications.

Men Defenders! by Oana Velcu
When every day overwhelms the lonely Alexios with additional evidence that women are grabbing all the power, mathematical equations no longer suffice - the dedicated researcher needs help to stop the atrocity! But how do his friends react to these plans?

Performances will be held at the Finnish-British Society, Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9, Helsinki, on the weekends of 3-4 May and 10-11 May. Check this website for more details in the spring.

Friday 23 May: Play Reading
This evening is open to proposals. If you have a play that you would like to hear read out loud, please contact the committee. Bring refreshments and a friend, FINNBRIT (Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9) at 7pm.


Saturday 7 June: Summer Party
The Players celebrate the close of the spring season and beginning of summer with a party, starting at 5 pm at Koff Park. (At Fredrikinkatu 20 in case of bad weather).


6 July: Eino Leino Day Picnic
Celebrate the Finnish summer with some culture. Share your favourite poems and your favourite picnic nibbles. Koff Park, by the tower, from 4 pm. (At Fredrikinkatu 20 in case of bad weather).

Call for Proposals for FELT IF 2008

The third Festival of English Language Theatre in Finland will be organised by the Finn-Brit Players on 6-8 November 2008 at Caisa Cultural Centre. Entries in this festival will be plays between approximately 30 and 60 minutes in length. In contrast to previous festivals, this year FELT IF will run over three days. Our plan is to give each individual play at least two performance slots, possibly more, depending on the number of entries. Due to these constraints, the number of entries for the festival may have to be limited. Should it be necessary to limit the number of plays, the choice of which entries to include will be up to the discretion of the organising team.

The organising team will announce which plays have been accepted for the festival by 1 June 2008. The organising team requests that anyone wishing to submit a play for consideration as a Finn-Brit Players entry in the festival fill in the proposal form and send it by e-mail to jack@finnbritplayers.com by 16 May. The proposal form and further information are available online at www.finnbritplayers.com. Auditions for FBP entries will be organised in August.

Call for Proposals: Spring 2009

The committee would like to invite proposals for a play to be produced in spring 2009. If you would like to produce or direct a play, please submit a short description of the play, casting and staging requirements, suggested budget, and potential backstage crew to the committee. Forms are on the web site, www.finnbritplayers.com.

For your information:

We send out reminders for events on the mailing list, and of course newsflashes concerning any impromptu activities that take place. Our web site also contains details of our activities, as well as a collection of photographs from past events. If you want to join the Players' mailing list, contact Matti (matti@finnbritplayers.com). Also, if you have a suggestion for
an activity, please contact the committee with your proposal.


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