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Why again?
by The Ovi Team
2008-02-15 09:26:54
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Nineteen wounded young boys and girls, ten wounded three killed, four killed, thirty killed! These are not reports from a battlefield, these are casualties of young people in schools, colleges and universities in our western world. Casualties of what war? Who’s the enemy? What’s going on? This time it was the Northern Illinois University and the fear anymore is which is next!

What arms these young boys and girls and which force leads them to go inside their school and start shooting others that contribute to their society, because the university campus and the school yard is their society, this is where they spend most of their time, this is where they socialize, this is where they exist. Are they overwhelmed lonely, bulled, brainwashed?

One of the boys had psychological problems that everybody had noticed but nobody did anything about it, another boy on the other side of the ocean was often bulled and decided to kill all his classmates for that. No, he didn’t stop with his classmates, he started killing anybody who was in front of him because they weren’t …worth to live!

Five victims, others injured, the gunman dead and some hundreds more wondering why? For the next few hours we will find that a lot knew him and some were on the same courses with him. Isn’t the warning bell that something serious is happening and blaming the internet or family issues not enough?

Virginia Tech was not the first and unfortunately Northern Illinois University is not the last because we do blame everything and everybody from the internet to rock music and we don’t try to find what caused this problem and how we can find a solution. How this constantly consuming and impersonal society is arming a young person and blinds them to commit a massacre.

An eighteen and twenty year old person should be full of energy, dreams and passion for life, revolutions start in this age not murders without cause. Why do these kids have no dreams? Is it because they have no hope? Is it because they feel that what waits after study is the unemployment? Is it because they feel that our world is led from people who are interest only for themselves? Do we force them to be lonely in this constant competition to survive?

What the states do? Instead of talking about the next war and how prepared they are shouldn’t they protect their future? And these kids are our future. The western states have failed all these kids and they fail them every single minute and events like this one in Illinois are here to prove exactly that, we failed them and we have very little time to do something.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-02-15 17:58:46
"Casualties of what war?"

Dostoyevsky would have had not problem in answering that the war is a warfare being waged from time immemorial: the war of good against evil. The nihilism of today's "enlightened" society finds the answer derisory. Machiavellian explanations of real politik are much to be preferred. Those people think themselves enlightened but in reality they are integral part of the problem which is an existential problem of loss of meaning and hope which all the money and political power and value-free technological science in the world will not solve. For a solution we might have to revisit our lost selves and humanity.

Sand2008-02-16 05:58:20
For a self labeled historian to claim that history ever was influenced to any reasonable degree by anything but the overwhelming hunger for power and wealth is beyond ignorance. It is monstrous blind stupidity.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-17 11:14:24
Monstruous blind stupidity? Has the FSM been visiting? Don't you believe it, it is an idol.

Sand2008-02-17 11:24:42
Your inherent gullibility has solidified the funny Flying Spaghetti Monster into an actual threat. Not surprising considering how eagerly you have hungrily swallowed the much funnier idiotic dogmatisms of your Christianity.

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